• How to guess?

    You have long wanted to tell fortunes in order to know your future, but only you can’t decide everything. Many people are stopped by the fact that they are afraid of hearing something bad, while others do not know how to guess what to do. If you belong to the second group, then this article can help you. First, decide: for what you want to tell fortunes? If this is idle curiosity, then it is not worth it. If you learn something bad, you will experience it and not find a place for yourself. Guessing will predict happiness - relax, expect pleasant events and not do what the happy event predicted in fortunetelling will entail. They are wondering for the main purpose - not just to see "what will be there," and in the case of a bad prediction, be able to correct the future. The fact is that our world is filled with energy, thoughts are material. When a person is guessed, many things are taken into account at that time: from the desires, thoughts and expectations of the one to whom they are guessing, to external circumstances. If, after fortune-telling, to change the course of events or to start thinking differently, then the whole prediction may collapse, and the events of the future will take a completely different line. Therefore, guessing is often undesirable.

    To date, there are many divinations in different ways. But despite their large number, there are several rules that need to be followed if you want to get an accurate prediction.

    • Never guess hastily. Divination requires leisure, thoughtfulness and calm. Relax before fortune telling, sit, think about what you would like to know.
    • Less noise. Let the fruits of civilization rest for the time of fortune-telling - turn off the TV and phone.
    • There is a rule: "Cards love the table." Do not guess anywhere. Treat the cards with respect, then the predictions will receive accurate.
    • In addition, it is forbidden to play fortunetelling cards.
    • If you have personal objects of divination (cards, runes, etc.), do not give them to anyone in your hands. They are only yours and keep your energy. If someone wants to see - let them look from your hands.
    • Before fortune-telling, take off your cross, rings, belt. Dissolve and comb your hair.
    • During divination, pay attention to the signs that are given to you. Try to analyze them in the system, decipher the thoughts that divination wants to convey. Do not customize the prediction for the result you want to get, otherwise you will confuse everything. Pay attention to your sudden and instant thoughts.
    • Do not guess if you are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. The same applies to those to whom you are guessing.
    • When guessing someone else, you must be left alone with him so that no one can influence his prediction with his thoughts or words.
    • The best time for fortune telling is late evening, midnight, night.
    • If you want to turn to a fortuneteller, but do not know which one, be guided by the choice of the majority, and not its advertising. A good fortune-teller confirms his reputation with excellent reviews about himself, and not with various certificates and diplomas at home on the wall or advertising in a newspaper.
    • And finally, remember that this is just a fortune telling, and it predicts only one of the possible scenarios. If you have hit upon something good, try not to frighten them off, and if something is bad, do not despair and try to change the course of events. As they say, all the cards in your hand!

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