• How to hide audio recordings in Vkontakte?

    Andrey Kresrerev
    Andrey Kresrerev
    May 11, 2015
    How to hide audio recordings in Vkontakte?

    Each of us has a favorite music. And it is not surprising that many people collect it no longer on their computer, but on their VK account. This is convenient and allows you to use the library of audio recordings without any delay. However, such a library has one drawback: it is open, which means anyone can listen to it.

    To keep your audio library private, you need to hide it from strangers. In this regard, we will consider how to hide audio records VKontakte.

    How to hide your library

    Media library is just a list of your audio recordings. To hide them, go to the "My Settings" menu.

    1. Then go to the "Privacy" tab. In this tab, you will see several blocks; in the “My Page” block, find the item “Who sees the list of my audio recordings”. In it, you will be able to change the access settings, prohibiting anyone to listen to audio recordings except you. To do this, select "Only I". As a result, your records will be available only to you.
    2. Save your settings and check if you have managed to restrict access to your audio recordings: at the bottom of the page with the “Privacy” tab open, find the link “See how other users see your page” and follow it.
    3. Your page will open to you through the eyes of another user. If you can’t find your own audio files on it, then you managed to hide them from strangers.

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