• How to cover thuyu?

    Ksenia Gaynulina
    Ksenia Gaynulina
    January 28, 2015
    How to cover thuyu?

    Thuja is an ornamental coniferous plant that belongs to the cypress family. It is remarkable in that it has flat shoots of beautiful green color all year round. Homeland is Asia and North America, from where it moved to Europe already.She is also adapted to the climate of Russia, but she does not like extreme frosts and direct sunlight, and therefore needs shelter for the winter.

    We harbor thuja for the winter

    The plant needs special attention in the first year of life. The roots of the thuja go deep under the ground, so it tolerates frost well, but this does not apply to seedlings of first years that are not strong and poorly kept in the ground. Therefore, it is simply necessary to cover the thuja, especially if the winter is not snowy and cold. In the coldest areas of Russia, thuya must be insulated every winter to preserve the plant. So, let's see how to cover thuja and provide the plant with more or less comfortable conditions.

    1. The youngest shoots of thuja can be covered with a cut-off five-liter bottle, and sprinkled with sawdust on top or put a few branches of spruce.
    2. For a larger plant, this option is suitable: first, you need to make a package of several layers of fabric, gauze or covering material. Wrap the thuja several times and fasten the fabric on top with a stapler or rope, and also wrap the plant trunk with a rope in several places to protect it from frost and sunlight. Do not use nonwovens, such as lutrasil or agrotex, as they adversely affect the condition of the thuja during the thaw. Also, you can not use the burlap and heavily over-pull the tree with a rope.
    3. If you want to make a tui cover more reliable, you can build a wooden frame on which the protective material is mounted.
    4. You also need to insulate the roots of the thuja, to do this, put a thick layer of sawdust and fir spruce under the thuja.

    All these tips will help you properly care for thuja.

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