• How to humiliate a man?

    Very often there are girls who would like to humiliate their man or boyfriend. Such questions are asked on forums, blogs and in various social networks. Every woman has a reason to find a way to humiliate a man. If a woman tries to understand how to humiliate a man, then her precious patience has come to an end. After all, the beautiful half of our planet has endless patience.

    But if the moment comes that all the nerves just exploded, and patience came to an end, then you should expect anything. Some think that men are morally weaker than women. Of course, their strength is needed for the household, for support for each girl, but their weaknesses are definitely not less than those of the fair sex. Therefore, in the humiliation of the stronger sex is to know about the weaknesses and put pressure on them. And men will have enough weaknesses - any criticism, even about external aspects, knocks down any guy.

    Ways of humiliation

    It is worth knowing a few directions that can hook your man:

    1. His self esteem.Before humiliating a man, try to get to know his views on life, his attitude to certain things. Every man cherishes his self-esteem, so hurt her is very simple. Here you have to play on the main factor of the foundation of every self-assessment of any guy: pride in the fact that he belongs to a number of males. Speaking in simple words, just tell the man that he is not comfortable with the man as a man. Everything will depend on the situation: it will simply touch one, and humiliate the other greatly.
    2. How to humiliate a guy with words in a situation where you had intimate intimacy, and after her you decided to put him down morally? It is worth trying to tell your partner that he was not up to par. Such words are a cruel blow, so a man can even become impotent for several weeks.
    3. The appearance of a man. This aspect of his image is as important to him as pride in himself. It is enough to notice that you prefer the muscles of the other guy, and your companion will become angry and clench his fists.
    4. Remember such a thing as talent. After all, every guy wants to be the best, and if he does not have any special data, then you can give him an example of some kind of celebrity.The main thing is that this person has high popularity at the age at which your boyfriend is.
    5. Also remember that phrases about a mama's son and a coward can hurt and humiliate a man.
    6. Compromising. Such a humiliation is quite complicated in execution, because it is also necessary to find compromising facts. There is information that your man does not want to tell anyone, so presenting such things in the circle of witnesses is a high measure of humiliation for any man.


    How to humiliate a guy with the right words? General tips and recommendations are considered, so you can go to the exact words that should be used for the purpose of humiliating your man. It is necessary to immediately develop those phrases that are designed for a person verbally grounded. Especially such words should concern those girls who decided to humiliate their ex-boyfriend. You need to win in a verbal battle, having thought through his phrases and your answers to them. Here it is necessary to proceed from situations that were in your common past and its weak and vulnerable spots. Best of all, all the options immediately thought through in your thoughts, so that the phrases you spoke without hesitation and easy.

    There can be as many answers as you will pursue in your humiliation of goals. If you memorize them, then there will be no problems with the humiliation of your man, or of a former man. But remember that it hurts only those who have low self-esteem. When a man is one hundred percent self-confident, it is difficult to touch him, and a special knowledge in this aspect is required.

    Many girls say: I like to humiliate men. But not each of them can soberly assess their strength in such a matter. If you are still confident in your abilities and strengths, then it is worth verbally and morally prepare for debate and battle. Girls, remember that you can of course humiliate a man, but first think about whether it is worth doing and whether it will bring you pleasure. If you finally decided on this step, then use all these easy tips and you will achieve the desired result.

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