• How to improve the handwriting?

    Oksana Logunova
    Oksana Logunova
    January 29, 2013
    How to improve the handwriting?

    Constantly there are many different devices that simplify our lives. One of them is a computer. Gradually, moving away from handwriting, people use it to print a huge amount of texts. As a result of the lack of constant practice, handwriting deteriorates. It will take a lot of work to get back the calligraphic handwriting.

    In addition, there is another similar nuisance. Many parents notice the problem of bad handwriting in their children. Nowadays, special calligraphy and spelling exercises are performed in schools. But sometimes classes are not enough to achieve the desired result - a beautiful and smooth handwriting of your child. Then the parents need to conduct independent spelling exercises. Let's look at options for how to improve handwriting at home.

    Improvement options

    1. Very often, the reason for non-calligraphic handwriting is that you may not hold the pen correctly.When writing, the end of the pen should face your right shoulder. Modern stationery stores have a special nozzle in the assortment that helps to hold the pen when writing correctly.
    2. In order to focus on how to improve your handwriting, you should look for samples of famous manuscripts. Perhaps it is their manner of writing that will serve as an example for you to correct your own handwriting. Considering the examples, you can decide which style you like more, whether it is a calligraphic classic or a modern version with stylish and fancy curves.
    3. Sitting down to write, be sure to pay attention to the tension of the fingers and hands. Practice by writing to use the muscles of the arm and shoulder, while it is necessary to ensure that the hand and fingers are relaxed. Try to write as often as possible on a vertical plane, since it is very good to train the muscles of the shoulder. But the main thing to remember is that while writing, the elbow should be completely relaxed.
    4. Try to practice as much as possible in writing by hand. Copy texts as much as possible, practice writing your own name or painting.You can also begin to draw, it will help to fill your hand, and make your handwriting more correct and even.
    5. Currently open schools or classes for adults and children, which are engaged in the correction of your handwriting. If your desire is so great, then you should contact the specialists.

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