6 Driving Techniques That Will Make You An Amazing Driver

How to Improve Your Driving Skills


  1. If you have access to vehicles of different makes and models, switch them often.This way you'll be working on driving as a whole, not on driving a specific car.
  2. Find a training lot.A disused airfield is the best idea, because it has long straight stretches (the runway), corners (turn way to runway entrance) and wide open spaces (the area in front of the hangars). If you are not so lucky as to have a disused airfield nearby, you may look for these three things separately. You may use abandoned country roads and disused parking lots that measure at least 50 by 50 feet.
  3. When you practice, focus not on the driving itself, but on feeling the behaviour of the vehicle.This includes lateral stability, acceleration, braking distance, etc. When you learn how to feel the vehicle, you'll be able to drive anything at its verge.
  4. Think of any hypothetical situation you may encounter, e.g flat tire, high-speed under-/over steer, pursuit driving, etc.Think what you must do in that particular case, then get in the car and do it. Make a note of your weak points and work to improve them.
  5. Handbrake turning is not only for showing off.It's the best way to correct high-speed under steer. It's also useful on icy roads. It gives you confidence on rough road.
  6. Practice emergency stopping.If your car has ABS, disable it when you practice.
  7. Identify each dangerous situation when you drive and remember it.Then, when you have the time, think of what you could've done better and practice the preventive measures and maneuvers.
  8. Learn to drive backwards using only the side view mirrors.Once you get the knack of it, it's one of the most useful skills a driver can have.
  9. Practice emergency in-turn braking.Do it in a wide empty lot, not on the road.
  10. Test the brakes soon after you start down the road.

Community Q&A

  • Question
    What should I do when stuck in stop-and-go traffic?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you, even when stopped. Sometimes vehicles roll back when starting to drive. This also gives you some space to maneuver if you need to make space for an emergency vehicle coming through. Aside from that, try to remain calm and focused.
  • Question
    How do I turn my car around?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    There are a few different ways of doing this depending on the position of your car. Either way, you should first put the vehicle in Drive and check your mirrors to ensure that there is nothing that you will hit while turning around. If there is nothing in front of you, then simply turn the wheel left or right and push the accelerator until you have turned around. If you need to back up to turn around, then put the vehicle in reverse and slowly back up until you have room to turn the vehicle around. Turn the wheel to the left or right, put the car in Drive, and accelerate to complete the turnaround.
  • Question
    What is one way of telling that I've become a more skilled driver?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    As you gain more experience as a driver, you will probably become more comfortable driving. You will feel less anxious behind the wheel. You might also notice that you don't have to actively focus on what you're doing as much as before.
  • Question
    Is it advisable to move a car into 2nd gear from a resting position?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    This is generally considered a bad habit since it can waste fuel.
Unanswered Questions
  • How do I improve my skill at shifting gears?
  • Is it advisable to downshift a car that is moving fast in order to decrease speed?
  • When are J turns preferable to you turns?
  • What is the maneuver called where you put on brakes put car in reverse and step on gas to go spin tires in reverse?
  • Throwing the front: Can you give step-by-step instruction?
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  • No matter how good you are, don't show it unless it's needed. The cheetah is the fastest animal on earth, but it only runs when it has to.
  • Remember: Practice makes perfect. You cannot become a driver by practicing only on a computer.
  • Try tricky maneuvers (e.g. handbrake turning) at low speed and then increase the speed before engaging the maneuver. This will let you feel the behaviour of the car and know what to expect at higher speeds.


  • Make sure the vehicle is in peak condition before you practice! If the suspension is damaged vehicle is not running correctly, you can unintentionally put yourself into a dangerous situation!
  • Make sure your tyres are in good condition and are properly inflated. They should have at least the recommended tread. Poor tires put you at risk and into an extremely dangerous situation in which you may not be able to control your vehicle.
  • Top heavy vehicles such as SUVs, vans, and trucks do not take kindly to handbrake turning. Be keenly aware at all times of the lateral stability at different speeds in turns before attempting to handbrake turn or you may end up rolling the vehicle.

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