• How to improve yourself?

    A normal person as a whole should like himself and love himself within reason. At the same time, he may have some flaws that create some problems in his life. A person at a certain moment understands that in order to make life easier, you need to get rid of certain habits or correct character traits that prevent him from enjoying life. And for this you need to learn how to improve yourself, and independently and completely without outside help.

    First steps

    Before you zealously take on changing your internal or external appearance, it is worth analyzing the problems that have fallen on you and trying to understand their cause. If you notice that you are often in a dull mood, are drowning in a maelstrom of household chores, or you do not have enough willpower to quit smoking or go on a diet, then you should act rather than complain. In a word, it is necessary to figure out what is missing for happiness, and decide how to attract it.

    For a start, you can make a list of your shortcomings and choose from it one that you are most tired of. Then we have to think about how to improve yourself, eradicating precisely this quality.Roughly estimate, how much time you need to achieve the desired result. Do not immediately try to eradicate all the weeds of your soul. This is unlikely to succeed, and the disappointment that has come after the failure will not make you better.

    Myself controller

    So, the deficiency has been chosen, the plan for dealing with it has been drawn up, the deadlines for implementation are indicated. Now you need to consistently carry out the points of the plan, not forgetting to control yourself. You can make a special notebook - a kind of logbook, which will mark all your steps. You can enter a system of rewards and punishments for non-compliance points of the plan.

    For example, you solve the problem of increasing your own organization. Make a daily routine and monitor its implementation by making entries in your journal: “April 10th. I sat on the Internet until the chicken in the oven burned. Fine: refusal to buy a new bottle of your favorite perfume. ” Plan your next day every day and analyze what you managed / failed over the past day.


    It often happens that the good impulse goes out with time, a person who has recently thought about how to improve himself, begins to weaken the onslaught on his shortcomings, forgets to do what he himself has planned.To prevent this from happening, you need to make reminders - various nicks for memory that will not let you forget about the importance of your mission.

    Notes on the refrigerator and computer, a funny poster on the front door or in the room, the entries in the mobile phone organizer will tell you what you have to do in the near future to achieve the cherished goal.

    It is impossible to describe in one article all the ways to improve a person, since each of us has our own problems. But there is a universal tip: Act! Do anything!

    • There are problems with appearance - love yourself, take care of yourself, take care of yourself, eat normally and get enough sleep. This is not a panacea, but in many cases it helps.
    • There are problems with communication - contact a psychologist, there is no such possibility - read books on psychology, look for answers to your questions and train - go out to living people, try to make contact with them.
    • There are behavioral problems — praise yourself for recognizing this and trying to behave with others as you would like these others to behave with you.

    Each person must individually decide how to improve himself, but at the same time he must understand that self-improvement is not an easy task.But the one who will cope with the task, will triumph over some of his shortcomings, will respect himself. And it is very useful in later life. Indeed, in each of us there is always something that needs correction. Therefore, having coped with one problem, start working on others, because there is no limit to perfection.

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