• How to increase activity?

    After the holidays, especially long ones, you need to put your day routine back in order, and more specifically, get up and go to bed in time. How to increase activity, how to become more cheerful and charged with a good mood? After all, all these factors directly affect our performance and success.

    We increase activity in the winter

    In winter, doctors recommend using 1-1.5 liters of water per day, eating more dried fruits, they are much better stored nutrients, and in addition they have dietary fiber, helping the intestines and stomach to better digest food.

    The best way to improve your health and cheer up is a walk in the fresh air. Beneficial properties also have fitosbori that support immunity. You can buy them in finished form at a pharmacy or assemble yourself.

    There is one simple exercise that will help you feel more invigorated. Stand up straight, flatten the shoulder blades and linger for a few seconds. Exercise is repeated 10 times.Such exercises contribute to the expansion of the chest, facilitate the exchange of oxygen, normalize blood circulation and relieve fatigue.

    Preparations to increase the activity

    Often people wonder if there are drugs that increase activity? Indeed, for many young people, and especially for students during a session, there is often not enough time to have time to do everything planned.

    Drugs that increase activity:

    • Vitamin complexes, they never interfere. If you are not supporters of drugs, you can replace the vitamins with fresh fruit.
    • Niitropil tablets (Piracetam, Lucetam, Memotropil). These pills increase brain activity, improve metabolism.
    • Ginkgo biloba tablets. When you take this drug in the brain receives 30% more oxygen, which allows you to feel vigorously and fresh.
    • Glycine tablets. They increase brain activity, reduce irritability and normalize sleep. - Drops in nose Semak. These drops increase attentiveness and activity. They give a strong and fast effect, but you need to keep them in the refrigerator.

    As you know, most often, the cause of a decrease in the activity of the whole organism is a psychological problem, namely stress or depression.Therefore, try to be charged with a good mood, walk more outdoors and spend time with friends.

    Nutrition to increase activity

    There are products that increase the activity of our body or they can still be called nutrition for the brain. Let's look at some of them.

    • For clear thinking, our body needs protein, so protein should be present in your daily diet.
    • Sugar is also necessary for the brain to work, but it is better to get it not from sweets, but from products that contain starch and natural sugars - nuts, beans, rice, potatoes and black bread.
    • Vitamins of group RR and B are necessary for food of cells of a brain.
    • To remove fatigue, and to cope with a long mental load will help dried apricots, seeds, raisins and various nuts.
    • It is also necessary to eat seafood, fish and dairy products.
    • To relieve stress and raise the mood perfectly fit banana or strawberry.

    For sexual activity

    In addition to general activity, many people need to maintain sexual activity. After all, mad schedules of a modern person can touch this area as well.How to increase sexual activity if you had a busy week or a hard day?

    It is known that sexual activity may decrease, both in women and in men. To stabilize sexual rhythms, you need to pay attention to your diet. Try to eat right, eat foods that are rich in trace elements, vitamins, fiber and fats. Do not forget about a healthy sleep, because lack of sleep is the first and right step to reduce your libido. An important factor is also sport, which will give you a general tone and improve blood circulation. It's no secret that heels and beautiful underwear have a beneficial effect on both men and women. A man receives inspiration, and a woman feels welcome, and this will not leave indifferent any man. Just try to set aside time for yourself, set aside an hour, or at least half an hour, which you can spend only on yourself. Learn to disconnect and rest from the routine of daily problems.

    In addition, a serious problem in men is a decrease in the activity of spermatozoa. How to increase the activity of sperm? Is it possible to solve this problem without drugs? Let's see.

    To solve this problem, first of all, it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle and give up bad habits. Reduced sperm activity is the most common cause of male infertility. To increase sperm motility, it is important to know that their physical activity is reduced due to infection, high temperature, and poor diet. In order for sperm activity to increase, sometimes a simple lifestyle change is enough. But also, men with such a problem are recommended to take vitamin C, zinc, and ginseng supplements.

    For brain activity

    For students during the session, the topic becomes relevant, how to increase brain activity? There are drugs that help solve this problem.

    • DMAE - it is able to accelerate the speed of nerve impulses in the brain and thinking becomes clear. This is quite a serious drug.
    • Vitamin D - the vitamin of the sun, is responsible for our good mood, so in winter, when the sun's rays are not enough, seasonal depressions are more common.
    • Radiola pink - clarity of mind and tirelessness when performing physical exercises.

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