• How to increase clearance?

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    How to increase clearance?

    For many motorists is still unclear such a word as clearance. But this is one of the important characteristics of the car. Consider what clearance is and how to increase it.

    What is the clearance

    Ground clearance, or in another way ground clearance, is the distance between the support surface of the car and the lowest point of the car, which is enclosed between two planes that are equally standing from the inner surface of the wheels. More information about what is called clearance, you can learn from the article What is clearance.

    This characteristic of the car is extremely important because it depends on it the operation of the machine, as well as the safety of the driver and passengers. It should be noted that the amount of ground clearance is measured absolutely for each car, whether it be a tractor or a small car.

    In off-road conditions or in the presence of poor condition of roads, the need to increase the clearance arises for every third motorist.At the moment there are four main ways to increase ground clearance. Consider them further.

    Increased ground clearance with tires

    One of the easiest ways to increase the ground clearance of a car is to install tires with a larger diameter than standard tires. This method is relatively inexpensive, at the same time, it is simple to implement. However, it must be remembered that the installation of tires and wheels should be done in accordance with the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer.

    It should be noted that this method has several disadvantages, namely:

    • Fuel consumption will be increased;
    • There may be a malfunction of the speedometer;
    • If the tires were not installed in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer, then they can touch the wheel arches.

    Installation of special spacers

    This method of increasing ground clearance is also very popular. However, it is much more efficient than installing new wheels. However, before you install the spacers, you need to understand that this procedure changes the design of the chassis of the machine. Thus, the factory settings are violated. This voids the manufacturer’s warranty.Also, there is a risk of suspension failure.

    At the moment there are several types of spacers: aluminum, plastic and polyurethane. Aluminum spacers have the longest service life, while plastic spacers have the lowest warranty period and can only be used for a short period of time. When choosing spacers, it is necessary to take into account which suspension will be installed. In this case, the labeling of the product will help.

    The main plus of the spacers is to reduce the likelihood of subsidence of the back of the machine under load. The disadvantage is the change in driving characteristics, as well as the appearance of a vibration load on the body and suspension.

    Replacing factory springs shock absorbers

    Another effective way to increase ground clearance is to replace factory springs with shock absorbers. The essence of this method is very simple. It consists in the selection of such shock absorbers, which have a greater number of turns. Accordingly, such shock absorbers are higher than regular ones.

    Replacement of old shock absorbers with new ones can be done in a specialized service station.This operation will be relatively inexpensive, but the purchase of new shock absorbers can be expensive. In addition, it should be borne in mind that high-quality and reliable shock absorbers can not be cheap.

    A significant advantage of this method is a long service life, as well as a reduction in body sinking. Of the minuses should be noted an increase in the stiffness of the suspension, as well as the appearance of vibration.

    Install air suspension

    This method is the most expensive to implement. In order to increase the ground clearance with an air suspension, you need to buy special pneumatic pads, as well as air pressure sensors, a compressor, a control panel and a receiver.

    The undoubted advantage of this method over others is the possibility of further adjusting the height of the suspension. Thus, the owner of the car will be able to independently adjust the height of the ground clearance, reducing or increasing it at will.

    However, in addition to its high cost, this method has another significant drawback, which consists in a small operational resource.In this case, the repair of air suspension can be extremely expensive.

    What you need to remember when changing clearance

    Having considered all the main ways to change the ground clearance, it is worth saying that before it changes, you must perform the following steps:

    • Be sure to measure the amount of clearance, as it may be very different from that which is indicated in the passport.
    • Be sure to calculate the angles of entry and exit, as well as the angle of the longitudinal patency of the machine. These parameters are the most important, since they are different for all machines.

    It should be remembered that changing the clearance does not help the car to gain a better cross, if it was not originally designed for off-road or operating in conditions of bad roads.

    Mainly, an increase in ground clearance is required for the case of operation in conditions of bad roads, when on the road surface there are often small obstacles, such as stones, branches, various debris and so on.

    Often, as a tuning machine owners lower the suspension, that is, reduce ground clearance. To learn how to do this, read the article How to lower the car.

    Clearance and insurance

    It should be borne in mind that the change in ground clearance can affect the driving performance of the car, and therefore affect its insurance. There are cases when the violation of road performance of the car led to its breakdown or accident due to a violation of control. In these cases, insurance companies are often denied payment due to the fact that the car owner intentionally changed the parameters of the car.

    Based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that an increase in clearance is often a necessity, but this procedure can be not only costly, but also damage the machine.

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