• How to increase hemoglobin in blood in simple ways?

    Sometimes, visiting medical institutions, we hear from doctors the phrase that we do not have enough hemoglobin in the blood. It is good if the doctor turns out to be adequate and explains everything in detail, and in fact it happens the other way around. We do not get enough of the correct information about our health and start simply to panic, asking ourselves how to increase hemoglobin in the blood and what it generally is.

    Naturally, every normal person wants his health to improve as soon as possible. Therefore, we try to listen to the recommendations of doctors and medical staff to the maximum. However, this does not prevent you from improving your own knowledge of the problems in your body.

    What is it and what is it responsible for?

    Hemoglobin is a very important protein for any person. It is responsible for the saturation of all cells of the living organism with oxygen. It also causes carbon dioxide to escape from our body.

    Surely you had such unpleasant symptoms: tiredness, literally at that moment, as soon as you woke up, lack of appetite, desire to do something, weakness, drowsiness, nausea. All this categorically indicates that your hemoglobin level is clearly underestimated. If the body is all right and just enough, then the person feels great. You can not boast of such a state? Then start taking action.

    Reasons for the decline

    All our diseases do not come from a good life. A large number of moments affect our well-being. First of all, the hemoglobin level is reduced if the person is malnourished. This is the result of the favorite diet of all women. Well, as well as the elementary lack of financial opportunities to buy useful products.

    Unfortunately, there are a large number of diseases. The blood is subject to it, just like any other part of our body. A person may have hidden internal bleeding, and because of this he will have reduced hemoglobin.

    People with weak immune systems also can not boast a normal content of hemoglobin in the blood.The more you suffer from sore throat, flu and cold, the weaker your body becomes.

    Significantly lowers hemoglobin habit of constantly smoking and drinking alcohol.

    For any woman, the process of having a baby takes a huge amount of energy. Sometimes it happens that our body cannot withstand the load that has collapsed on it. This is evidenced by the breakdown and decrease in hemoglobin in the blood.

    How to determine the level?

    You can find different formulas that allow you to reliably determine the level of hemoglobin, depending on the weight and height of a person. We warn you that all this is not true. In 95% of cases, hemoglobin is not associated with human anthropometric indices.

    To know the real level of hemoglobin in the blood is possible only by passing a blood test. Only after it you will have data that you can compare with the established medical standards. The normal level of hemoglobin in the blood is:

    • Women and girls - 120-150 g / l
    • Children - 120-140 g / l
    • Men and boys - 135-165g / l
    • For a woman in position - not less than 110

    The older a person becomes, the more norms can change. If your tests show that your hemoglobin level is far from the norm, do not panic, just go to the doctor and start changing your lifestyle.

    Healthy foods

    Increase the content of this protein in the blood can only be if you understand that your disregard for your own body, can lead to disastrous consequences. Of course, in connection with the popularization of all kinds of supplements in our time, you can be offered a wonderful vial that magically removes all unpleasant symptoms.

    You can go this way, but it's better to just start eating the right foods, thanks to which you will not only increase your hemoglobin level, but also your overall well-being will improve.

    In order to forget about the problems with the level of hemoglobin in the blood, you must be present on the table every day: buckwheat, oatmeal, barley, peas, beans and beans.

    Eat a bunch of greens daily. Of fundamental importance, what kind of greenery you give your preference, does not exist. She is all helpful.

    It is possible to raise hemoglobin to eat sprouted seedlings. Opt for fresh wheat and lentils.

    Beets, carrots and apples normalize hemoglobin in an excellent way. Prepare juices from these vegetables and fruits and you will be healthy. No less useful are the pumpkin, eggplant, black radish, radish and pepper.

    Dried fruits will bring immeasurable benefits to your body. They have many useful minerals. Eating a day a hundred grams of dried apricots, prunes and dates, you save your health.

    Pomegranate is an excellent means to increase hemoglobin content. All components are useful in it: sunflower seeds, pulp, juice and even a skin.

    The best source of hemoglobin is meat. Especially beef and veal. By the way, the first disease in all vegetarians is low hemoglobin in the blood. Therefore, be sure to eat meat, you will get the most benefit by eating a lightly roasted steak.

    It is especially important to control hemoglobin during pregnancy. Pregnant girls can increase its content, every day, eating two spoons of honey.

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