• How to insert video into video?

    The Picture-in-Picture effect is based on the presence of empty free areas that remain when the video clip is scaled down. These areas are always transparent. Consider how to insert a video into a video. The essence of this effect is that another additional video clip is played against the background of the main one.

    Processing at Sony Vegas

    • Open the video in the program, add a video track, put an additional video on it. Use the button "Panorama / Trimming Fragment" by clicking on it with the mouse.
    • Adjust in this tab the size of the video that you want to put on the main.
    • Pull one of the corners to reduce the picture. Regarding the main video, additional can be tilted to the right or left. To place an additional video in the desired part of the main, you need to move the cursor to its center and drag.
    • Another way to reduce the size of a picture is to use the “Position” tab and set any size in it. You can drag the picture in any direction, taking it by the edge. Increase the picture in the "Panorama / Trimming Fragment" tab so that it decreases on the screen.

    Processing in Adobe Premiere

    How to insert a video in another way:

    • We have the main clip on the Video 1 track, we play the main clip on the background of the main clip, on the Video 2 track.
    • Turn off the sound on one of the tracks, if necessary.
    • Select the clip open on the Video 2 track.
    • Open the Effect Contruls panel. Call the effect Motion, the clip will be highlighted with special markers.
    • Drag the markers and reduce the video to the desired size, use the mouse to move it to the right place.
    • Add a shadow effect on the Video 2 track. Use the Effects panel for this.
    • Open the Perspective folder and find the Drop Shadow effect there.
    • Move this effect to the Video 2 track, hold down the left mouse button.
    • To see all the parameters of this effect, expand it.
    • Adjust the shadow parameters using the Sequence command - Render Effects in Work Area, and render.

    Processing in Pinnacle Studio 11

    The effect we need can be done in another way:

    • Select the effect "Picture in Picture" in the list of effects.
    • Set the effect parameters in the settings panel.
    • In order to add and customize this effect, you can go to the video bookmarks bookmarks specifically designed for this.
    • To apply the desired effect, we need to select the clip and click the “Edit Overlay Video” button. Video tool window will change its appearance.
    • After the “Picture in Picture” checkbox is selected, if this effect has not been previously used for the video, it will automatically be added to the list of effects applied to the clip.
    • Let's talk about the effect settings. Adjust the size of the additional image: move one of the rectangles to the edges and reduce the size.
    • Adjust the transparency on the overlay track.
    • You can also round corners if necessary.
    • Using the Shadow area, create a shadow effect and adjust its parameters, set the transparency, you can also change the direction and color of the shadow.
    • Using the picture tab solves typical problems of applying this effect.
    • You can also use other settings.
    • Crop - cut off the edges of the additional video.
    • The border can be determined by adjusting the height and width.

    Now you know how to insert a video into a video and you can achieve the desired effect.

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