• How to install a network card?

    Alexander Yakimov
    Alexander Yakimov
    October 1, 2014
    How to install a network card?

    The ability to connect a computer to the Internet or local network is of great importance. Virtually every modern motherboard is equipped with a network card. But, like any other part, it can fail, which will make connecting to the world wide web impossible. However, do not despair, because there is always the opportunity to install a discrete network card.

    Interface type

    Depending on the type of connection to the computer, network cards may have a PCI or USB interface. The first ones are connected directly to the motherboard (long connectors in the rear part under the blue connector for a video card). PCI cards are the best option for home PCs.

    The latter are inserted into any free USB connector and are becoming more common on laptops (this does not interfere with their use and on desktop devices). The principle of installing and configuring both a PCI card and a USB adapter is the same.


    As with any additional device, connecting a network card requires installing drivers. Usually the manufacturer writes them to disk and attaches to each device. If this does not happen, you will have to download the driver yourself on the Internet.

    At the same time, drivers for certain types of network cards may be present in the operating system itself (if Windows was installed from a pirated build). The very same connection is as follows:

    1. turn off the computer;
    2. we insert the card into the appropriate slot (a USB adapter can be connected while the computer is running);
    3. turn on the computer;
    4. wait for the OS to load and determine the new device;
    5. in the opened window with the proposal to install the driver, select the item with manual installation;
    6. specify the location of the drivers;
    7. confirm the installation.

    The use of the card can begin immediately, but it is better to restart the computer. So it will be possible to avoid some probable problems when setting up networks and connecting to the Internet.

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