• How to install wifi router?

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    How to install wifi router?

    The stability of the home network depends largely on the correct configuration of all its nodes. As you know, the main component is the router. To understand his work is not difficult. Almost any user can install a WiFi router at home.


    Before you start installing a WiFi router, you should:

    1. connect it to the computer in the usual way (using a cable);
    2. connect the provider cable.

    If an ADSL router is used, there can be no problems with this, since the LAN cable and telephone cord differ in the size of the plugs. Simply insert them into the appropriate connectors and apply power to the device.

    In other cases, it is important not to confuse the WAN and LAN (Ethernet) connectors. They can be identified either by marking or by description in the passport. The WAN will have to insert the provider cable, and the computer cable into the LAN. It should be borne in mind that the router may have a different number of LAN ports (depending on the specific model). After all connectors are connected and the device is connected to the mains,You can begin to configure it.

    Web interface

    To configure the router uses a special interface. To access it you need:

    1. determine the IP of the router and its pair “login-password”, which is indicated on the sticker of the bottom cover or in the passport;
    2. launch any browser on the computer;
    3. enter the IP address of the router in the address line;
    4. press the "Enter" key;
    5. enter the login and password of the router in the appropriate fields;
    6. press the "Enter" key.

    If after completing step 4 the login page does not open, you should:

    1. launch the Network and Sharing Center;
    2. select the item “Change adapter settings”;
    3. bring the cursor to the icon “Local Area Connection”;
    4. press the right button and select the line "Properties" in the menu;
    5. go to the “Network” tab;
    6. click on the item "Internet Protocol Version 4 ..." and click the "Properties" button;
    7. put a marker next to "Use the following IP-address";
    8. enter the IP router in the field “Main gateway”;
    9. enter the IP router in the “IP address” field with the last digit changed to 110 (for example);
    10. click on the "Subnet Mask" field (values ​​will be set automatically);
    11. in this and in the previous windows, click "OK";
    12. turn on and off the router.


    The web interface menu is quite informative, which allows you to install a wifi router with just a couple of clicks. First of all, it is necessary to change the standard password to access it in order to secure the router against interference from outsiders. Enough for this:

    1. find the item "Administration" (Administration);
    2. enter a new password and confirm it;
    3. save changes.

    For the following actions you will need the provider data:

    • connection type;
    • username and password for access to the Internet;
    • VPI and VCI (in the case of an ADSL router).

    They can be obtained from the office of the Internet provider or by calling the support service

    If they are already known, then:

    1. find the section "Internet" ("Internet", "WAN");
    2. fill in the appropriate fields;
    3. save changes.

    Next, you need to change the WiFi settings. This is done as follows:

    1. find the section "Wireless Network" (WiFi, Wireless);
    2. open the “Basic Settings” subsection (Wireless Settings);
    3. fill in the field "Wireless Network Name" (SSID) - any combination of numbers and letters in Latin;
    4. choose a region (Russia or Europe);
    5. set the mode (mode) - "11bgn mixed";
    6. set the channel (channel) - "Auto";
    7. save changes.

    The final step is to change the security settings of the WiFi network. For this:

    1. open the subsection "Wireless Security";
    2. mark the item "WPA / WPA2" (the most secure to date);
    3. in the field "Password" (Password) indicate any combination of numbers and / or letters in Latin;
    4. save changes.

    Now it remains only to restart the router (turn it off and on).

    DHCP issues

    If you had to manually configure the IP on the computer to connect to the router and log in to the web interface, you need to use a DHCP server. For this:

    1. find the item "Network" ("LAN");
    2. set the marker near the DHCP item to “Yes” (Enabled);
    3. save changes.

    Quick start function

    Most routers have a Quick Start feature. When you turn it on, the necessary items and sections will appear automatically. It will only be necessary to enter data in accordance with the information received from the provider and click the Next button.

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