• How to install eyelets?

    The interior of the apartment, its style, depends, among other things, on the design of the window. To transform the window, you need to choose a beautiful fabric, make a pattern, buy eyelets. Knowledge and patience are required in order to understand how to install eyelets on window or door curtains.

    How to install the grommets with your own hands

    Of course, you need to decide whether you really want to make the grommets with your own hands. There are positive and negative sides to any undertakings.

    If you do everything correctly, carefully, then there will be satisfaction from the work done, no one will have to pay for the work. However, there are downsides. This is a risk to spoil the curtains, as well as time, and considerable, for cutting, sewing and installing eyelets.

    Grommets Types

    • by material (plastic, metal),
    • in shape (round, figured),
    • by coloring (colored, transparent, metal, leather, wood, etc.),
    • on internal diameter (10,5 - 50 mm.).

    It is better to choose the grommets depending on the fabric, curtain model. More often installed round grommets. But there may be eyelets and as an element of decor.For example, hearts in the bedroom, dolphins or a nautical-style curtain wheel. It is more practical to use plastic eyelets, they do not damage the eaves.

    Types of installation eyelets

    Eyelets consist of two parts that snap into the lock. The cringles can be matched to the color of the eaves, curtains or, on the contrary, in a different accent, the size of the rings can be selected with a diameter of 1.5 to 5 cm. In addition, we need a self-adhesive tape that will make the drape more accurate, will not move the curtain fabric and press the piercer.

    The cringing tape is a hot melt material, 5, 7, 10, 12 centimeters wide. You need to choose a tape that is 2 centimeters larger than the outer diameter of the grommet. For transparent fabrics there is a transparent grommet. Eyelets are installed on the curtain, which is already ready.

    There are two types of installation eyelets on the curtains. In the first case, the blind is one, and in the second, a combination occurs. To install the grommets on thin, lightweight fabrics (organza, tulle, mesh), it is necessary to sew another material so that there is no mobility of the fabric. It is possible to combine fabrics for the installation of grommets and in those cases when the curtains are of insufficient length.

    How to install eyelets on curtains

    On the upper edge of the curtains, you need to glue the grommet with an iron right next to the seam, having previously processed its top edge. Then calculate the number of grommets on the curtain, curtain. The best distance between the grommets will be 15-20 cm, the folds will then be even and beautiful, and from the edge of the curtain to the center of the grommet, the distance should be 5-7 cm. The marks for mounting the grommets must be exactly in the center of the future holes.

    Then you need to attach the ring to the mark, and cut it with sharp scissors, drawn a smooth circle on the inside. The inner diameter must be larger than the eaves bar so that the curtains move freely.

    Put the curtain on the wrong side of the grommet, and on top of the front decorative part. This should be done carefully, since at the slightest error the curtain can be damaged. Punch rivet ring to light click.

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