• How to install GTA 4?

    Kristina Firsova
    Kristina Firsova
    1 March 2013
    How to install GTA 4?

    Ira "GTA 4" is very popular and loved by many gamers. There are versions that can be purchased legally and illegally. Before you install “GTA 4”, you need to find out if the disc with this game is licensed or “pirated”. Rules of its installation depend on it.

    To install the licensed version of the game you need to put the disk in the drive. A window will appear on the computer screen. It will offer to install some programs on a computer in order to be able to play “GTA 4” online. Such programs can be found on websites on the Internet and download them for free. If you do not know how to install the game "GTA 4", in all windows there will be detailed information. Click Next. A window will appear with a choice of language - english. Confirm it - “OK”. Then a window will appear in which you confirm the license agreement. Next in all subsequent windows that are part of the installation, click “Next”. When the window opens in which you need to confirm the installation of all game files on your computer, click “Install”. When the program installs all the necessary details, it will display a window, in it you need to click "Finish".

    To install the "pirated" game you need to know how to install the patch "GTA 4". This is the code with which you can hack the license. This patch can be found on sites and download it for free. After the patch is downloaded, you need to install it. Run it with an indication of the folder in which “GTA 4” is located. It takes some time to install such a patch. If you download the latest version of the patch, there is an automatic installation. After it, you can download “GTA 4” and start the game. If a problem arises during installation, you need to select a patch, the version of which is slightly older than the downloaded one.

    These are not complicated actions to help you install this game.

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