• How to install "Instagram"?

    Set "Instagram" want those whose friends regularly upload photos of their lives there; those who want to share their pictures; and those who are just interested to be aware of all the innovations of modern life.

    Regardless of whether a person has a smartphone or only a computer, he can use the Instagram program. But first requires installation.

    How to install "Instagram" on the phone

    As you know, at the very beginning, Instagram could only be installed on Apple products: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. But after a couple of years, users of phones on the Android platform have the opportunity to download and install Instagram from Google Play absolutely free.

    How to install "Instagram" on Android

    1. Go to your phone in the "Play Store" ("Google Play").
    2. Click on the magnifying glass icon at the top right.
    3. In the search bar, enter the name of our application "instagram".
    4. Click on the application icon that appears.
    5. Select "Install" and accept the required permissions.
    6. Now go to "Instagram", its icon appeared on your phone among other applications.
    7. Sign up in a convenient way for you: via email or Facebook.

    How to install Instagram on iOS

    1. First you need to download Instagram from iTunes or in the appStore from the iOS device you use: iPhone, iPod or iPad. Downloading the program from iTunes, after you need to synchronize your device with a mobile phone. In the appStore in the search bar enter the name of our program in Latin.
    2. In the list of programs, select the one next to which is the name of the company "Burbn Inc".
    3. Click the "Install" button.
    4. Now you will be required to enter your appStore password. After the introduction, click OK. "
    5. Installation completed. It remains only to register or log in with your credentials.

    How to install Instagram on the computer

    As you know, Instagram has a web-interface. Unfortunately, its functions are limited. From the computer in "Instagram" you can go to your profile, view photos of friends, edit something. But, for example, you can not register.

    As a workaround, they use emulators of a mobile operating system on their computer. Consider one of them - BlueStacks.

    How to install Instagram via BlueStacks

    1. Download the BlueStacks software from its official website (www.bluestacks.com). On the main page of the site, choose your option: Windows or Mac.
    2. Click "Next", the program is installed.
    3. Two new icons have appeared on the desktop: the launch of BlueStacks and a folder with application shortcuts through which you can enter these applications.
    4. Open BlueStacks, press F11 to reduce the program window.
    5. To enter the Play Store on our Android emulator, you must have a Google account. Go to the settings, click on the option "Accounts". Log in to your existing account or add a new one.
    6. Then all the steps correspond to the steps of installing "Instagram" on your phone with Android OS. In the search bar, enter "instagram", click "Install" and "Accept".

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