• How to install jailbreak?

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    How to install jailbreak?

    Almost every year a jailbreak tool is released, translated from English as jailbreak means jailbreak. This tool is designed for iPhone or iPad. At the very beginning, you need to understand what a jailbreak is.


    Apple has a very harsh policy regarding its mobile devices, for which applications can only be downloaded from the AppStore, and the setting for the “Desktop” is limited to just changing the “Wallpaper” and changing the location of labels. After hacking, which is not as bad as it seems, Cydia is installed on your iPhone or iPad. It is just designed to access the necessary software. After installing it, a lot of functions will appear: installation of various mods that can greatly expand the functions of your device, switching between applications with svaypami (i.e., touching the fingers), the ability to trigger quick settings, and add music without iTunes. For example, Sbsettings provides quick access to device functions with just one gesture. Now the user will feel like the full owner of his gadget.

    With the help of "jailbreak" anyone can crack the protection of iOS.Therefore, it is important to understand how to install the jailbreak ios 7.1 on your device.

    For more information, see the article What is jailbreak.

    Application installation

    The hacking procedure itself does not take much time, everything is very easy and simple.

    1. Before you begin, you need to make a backup from your device in iTunes for reinsurance.
    2. Next, download the Pangu utility for OS X, which can be found at this link, after installation, run the application. Be sure to disable the password on your device before starting the installation.
    3. Then connect your device to the PC. The application itself will deal with the model and firmware version. In case everything is done correctly, the Jailbreak button will be active.
    4. Click on Jailberak, then immediately change the system date of your device so that the utility displays instructions on how to do this.
    5. The next step is to open the “Settings” menu on the gadget and in the “Basic” section - “Date and time” you disable the automatic time setting and set: June 2, 2014, 8:00.
    6. After this procedure, the Pangu shortcut appears on the device’s Desktop. Click on it, and the utility will reboot your device.
    7. The jailbreak process is almost over.In no case do not disconnect the device - it will be restarted one more time.

    The operation is completed. You managed to install Jailberak. Now, instead of the “Pangu” shortcut, you will see the “Cydia” shortcut on your device's desktop.

    If this scheme is not clear enough for you, then you can watch a small tutorial video on how to install the jailbreak. Do not think that this procedure will somehow harm your device. After restoring the firmware, Jailberak is automatically deleted, and you will again have a device with official firmware without any signs of hacking.

    The jailbreak tool has already been updated to version 1.1. There is a version for both OS X and Windows.

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