• How to install the plugin in the COP?

    To begin with, it is necessary to tell in more detail about what actually represents a plug-in. So, a plugin is a program developed on the basis of AMX, which allows you to make changes to the game. The standard plug-in extension for Counter-Strike 1.6 is .amxx. With the help of such additions, you can radically update and change the physical features of the game.

    There are several main types of plug-ins for Counter-Strike 1.6:

    1. The first of them is made up of plug-ins prescribed for a particular mod, for example, CDSM, Zombie mod or eXtreeme.
    2. The second type consists of plugins that allow you to change player statistics. For example, in addition to standard information, you can find out the level of damage done to any of the opponents, identify the leaders in the number of frags and the most powerful players. This type of plug-in allows you to make a rating of gamers registered on the server. This type of plugin includes StatsMe and others.
    3. The third group is represented by plug-ins from the "miscellaneous" series. Here you can find really interesting and original solutions to help make the gameplay more comfortable and exciting.In addition, many of them are a real magic wand for server owners. AntiCamper allows you to unload the server by taking away HP from inactive players - something very useful and sometimes necessary. In addition, there are completely useless plugins that affect only the graphics. Thus, it is possible to make more effective explosions, add the function of throwing knives, change the amount of blood from injury, and try out a lot of different possibilities.

    Despite the seeming simplicity of the situation, for many beginners, installing plug-ins is a difficult and sometimes impossible task. Yes, and the instinct of self-preservation, that is, "serverservice" has not been canceled. Therefore, we will try to give the most useful instructions explaining how to install the plugin in COP 1.6. So, we are given a plugin. Let's conditionally call it amxx_plugin and consider the installation process using its example. Package of the plugin can be unlimited. It happens that the plugin contains one main and most important file in the .amxx format. However, most often the plugin contains 4 files:

    • amxx_plugin.amxx
    • amxx_plugin.sma
    • amxx_plugin. cfg
    • amxx_plugin.txt

    As mentioned above, the most important of them is the main file in the .amxx format. Without it, the plugin will not be active.For editing and modifying the main file corresponds to the file format .sma. The file with the .cfg extension is responsible for more precise tuning of the plugin and its configurations. But the role of the last file with the familiar .txt format is the display language of the plug-in and other additional settings.

    Naturally, after downloading and unarchiving the plug-in archive, the question arises: where and how to install the plugin in cc? Open the cstrike / addons / amxmodx / plugins route and transfer the main file from the archive with the .amxx extension to the main folder with plugins. The second .sma file is placed along the same route in the scripting folder. We upload the .cfg file in the config folder, and the last notebook file flies into the lang folder.

    In order for the plugin to start functioning, you need to include it in the general list of plugins of your server. To do this, open the file cstrike / addons / amxmodx / config / plugins.ini via notepad, where at the end of the new line we assign the full name of our .amxx file. Now you can enjoy innovations with a light heart and a clear conscience and not wrestle with how to install the plugin in cc next time. Have a good game!

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