• How to iron quickly and efficiently?

    Everyone likes perfectly-fitting clothes, curtains without a single wrinkle, neat towels in the bathroom, smooth tablecloths and bedspreads. To make it all look good, the fabric should be ironed properly. Any hostess wants to do this work without wasting time and nerves. Therefore, we offer a few recommendations to all those who are interested in ironing quickly and efficiently.

    Buy good ironing equipment

    Excellent ironing equipment - this is already half the battle, if not more. The modern market offers a large selection of a variety of irons, steamers, ironing presses, boards and integrated systems that will make the ironing process enjoyable. The GLADILNOE.RU - online store of professional and semi-professional steam-refrigerating equipment offers a large selection of different units for every taste and budget. Here you can order everything you need for a comfortable modern ironing.

    What to choose?

    • Classic iron has been and remains the most popular tool in most homes.Modern models are notable for high power, wide temperature range, additional useful functions - there is plenty to choose from.
    • Steamer is a popular technique for quick and comfortable smoothing of various fabrics and materials. The impact occurs due to a powerful steam jet that smoothes even fine wrinkles. It is an ideal tool for clothes, especially delicate, quickly creased and has many details.
    • The ironing system is an excellent set for ironing for domestic and commercial purposes. This is a wonderful gift for the hostess. The ironing system includes a convenient board with a special socket and an iron.

    Also for comfortable ironing use steam cleaners, steam generators, presses, etc. - they all facilitate and improve the process of ironing. The choice of a particular tool depends on your goals and preferences.

    How to iron well: basic recommendations

    • Pay attention to the iron icon on the product. If he is crossed out, it means that the thing cannot be ironed at all. If there is an icon, pay attention to the number of stars next to it. One asterisk - the maximum temperature is 110, a fabric lining is needed,do not use steam; two stars - the maximum temperature is 150, the product should be ironed wet; three asterisks - the maximum temperature is 200, the thing can be slightly dampened.
    • Start at a lower temperature and gradually increase it. Therefore, starting to iron with light things.
    • Separate ironing and warming. In the process of ironing, the iron will slide along the material, and in the case of heating, it will fall on the fabric, then slightly rise above it. Silk, linen, cotton and polyester should be ironed, and jersey and wool should be warmed up.
    • Silk is ironed from the back side by placing a cloth on top of it. This will help avoid shiny areas. If the fabric has a pattern or embroidery, it is warmed up by placing it down on a terry towel.
    • If you have material with a nap or acrylic, it should be ironed either from the front or from the wrong side, placing the wet cloth on top. In areas with thick fasteners and seams, warming is recommended to avoid glitter. To get rid of unwanted gloss, you can wipe the thing dipped in vinegar with a cloth, and then comb the pile with a soft brush.
    • Use steam carefully.Avoid splashing a large amount of water onto the fabric - this can cause stains on it.
    • Mahru is not ironed: from ironing, it becomes tougher and subsequently absorbs moisture poorly.
    • If a small scorch has formed, moisten the place with it with a solution of hydrogen peroxide (2%) and place on the window sill so that the sun's rays can get on the spot. After a few minutes, rinse with cold water.

    Choosing the right technique and following simple guidelines will help you quickly and well iron any product. Iron easily and with pleasure!

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