• How to join the team?

    Every person who came to a new workplace for the first time asks a question about how to join a new team so that the working process is not fraught with conflicts and omissions. On this account, psychologists advise you to follow some fairly simple rules that will help settle down on a new job and will protect a novice from conflicts and sidelongers as much as possible.

    Join the new team

    • The first rule to remember is not to be late for work, but it is better to even come 10-15 minutes earlier. In addition, your punctuality will not remain unnoticed, not only by your colleagues, but also by the authorities, who will certainly appreciate this.
    • It should also be well thought out about your appearance, even if you are in the office and do not have a dress code, you should still dress beautifully and neatly, since the first impression of you new colleagues will be, just in your appearance.
    • No matter how many people work in the office, you should meet everyone on the first day and try to remember their names.In communicating with colleagues, you should be as natural as possible and treat everyone favorably. You should not put your authority on the show and build from yourself a big man with great experience, even if you are. It is better to show your skills in practice than to engage in self-promotion. Try to show a non-conflict person who is always ready to make contact. If in the first days of your work you become a witness of any conflict between your colleagues, then you should not interfere and take sides, it is best to remain neutral in this situation.
    • The question of how quickly to join the team will disappear much faster if you walk with colleagues for lunch, accept the offer to sit after work in a cafe, offer your help in organizing a corporate party. After all, an informal atmosphere will help your new acquaintances get to know you better, which will bring you very close.
    • At first, it is very difficult for everyone to join the work, so you will need to ask questions and be consulted on a particular project. You need to learn to listen carefully and look, to grasp everything on the fly and not distract your colleagues from their main duties.If you often ask questions, then apart from irritation in your direction you will not get anything, because your colleague will be constantly distracted and his work will not be done on time.

    What not to do

    What should not be done in a new team is to dismiss gossip and participate in the discussion of employees, even if your opinions coincide. If you are suddenly asked what you are inventing about this or that employee, then it is better to deviate from the topic or refer to the fact that you do not know this person enough to form your opinion about him. Your behavior must be neutral, so you will not make foes yourself.

    To enter the new team, you should specify the time frame. On the advice of psychologists, the optimal period is 3 months. After this period, you can freely decide whether to continue working in this company. If during this period you have not been able to find a common language with colleagues and feel pressure from them, then it is better to find yourself another place where you can realize your working potential. Now you know how to join the team and will certainly take advantage of the above tips to help you stay at work.

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