• How to keep a man?

    The sphere of interpersonal relations, and in particular, relations between men and women, is filled with all sorts of ambiguities and incompleteness. Our article today is devoted to a very serious topic, which somehow concerns each of us. However, it will be a question of a weak half of mankind and about their sincere personal torments. Talk today about how to keep a man. Is it possible? And what can you do? So:

    The man and his polygamy

    After reading the subtitle of our article, many readers asked themselves the question: “Why exactly does the author of the article cover this problem?” The fact is that there are certain rules in human evolution, or rather, masculine behavior patterns. The man is polygamous. What does it mean? According to the laws of nature, the biological task of a male individual of any kind, and in particular of mammals, is the transfer of one's seed to various representatives of the female sex. It is important for the survival and adaptation of the species of any living organism. In pursuit of diversity, the species gets the opportunity to add more and more developed and adapted individuals to its ranks.

    Does all this apply to man? Of course, yes.Speaking of women and their natural problems, we need to talk about monogamy. The main task of the female is to give birth and raise offspring and to do everything so that it survives and is capable of reproduction.

    This long introduction to the article is absolutely not devoid of meaning. Any man needs understanding, like any woman. Having understood some of the natural reasons for the behavior of your man, you can look at the situation from the other side. But still, people are rational beings who are able to control their behavior and sacrifice their natural instincts for the sake of maintaining relationships with one woman. After all, this is how a real family and a unit of society, which is capable of producing really good offspring and raising it properly, turns out.

    How to keep a married man? Marriage is primarily a responsibility. It is no secret that family life is a complex and ambiguous thing. Sometimes it seems completely impossible to make the presence of a spouse or spouse next to him. This is where the mass of problems lies. It is believed that spouses should always be together and go through life hand in hand. This is true.But you need to be able to relax from each other, otherwise the relationship will turn into a living hell. In this regard, it would be possible to offer a seemingly paradoxical recommendation. Give your husband a break from you. But most importantly, give yourself a break from family problems. Go somewhere separately and try for two weeks to forget about your marriage. Upon returning home, you can feel the situation from the other side, which will help to effectively overcome the current situation.

    How to keep a man near you? Answer yourself the question about what this person gives you and what you give him. After thinking about it, you can see the possible causes of the breakup and discord of your relationship. In psychological science, there is a theory of communication called the theory of exchange, which states that any person maintains contact with someone just because of the possession of a certain resource. What resource do you own for this man? Why he can not fully live without you? And what does he give you? Does he give anything? Maybe all he gives is a headache and anxiety, which you desperately hold on to with both hands? Do you need it? Answering these difficult questions, you shed light on the causes of the conflict, both intrapersonal and interpersonal.Based on the foregoing, try to resort to methods of manipulation, although this is the last thing a healthy and honest person can do. Stop giving the man what he requires of you, and you will see that in less than a day he will be at your feet.

    A much more correct question in this situation is: Can I keep a man? It all depends on the specific people and circumstances. If you are an independent woman, then you do not need it. If a man is nice and spineless, then it will be easy enough to keep him, just threatening him. Again, each situation is unique. Many ask such questions as whether it is possible to keep a man a child and how to keep a man having sex. In the first case, you should immediately drive away such thoughts from yourself. Using a native child for such dirty and small purposes is unworthy of man and the most ordinary morality. However, your situation is probably more complicated than the general rules. Therefore, the burden of responsibility for making the decision to hold a man with the help of a child or sex falls entirely on your shoulders. And do not even scour articles on the Internet of similar content, where the "correct" answers are given, because they do not exist.

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