• How to save apples for the winter?

    Anna Mikhailova
    Anna Mikhailova
    November 4, 2014
    How to save apples for the winter?

    It is not easy to keep apples in winter, since such fruits are quite tender and quickly deteriorate. In order to save them for a long time, it is necessary to properly pick and prepare apples, as well as choose the best way for them to store.


    Picking apples is necessary only in dry weather. Begin to shoot the fruit is required from the lower branches, and then gradually move on to those that are located above. Collect fruits only with gloves. Each apple gently twist in your hand, then slightly lift and then tear together with the stem. After that, carefully place the fruit in the basket. You can not throw them, otherwise they will be damaged.

    Apple preparation

    To save apples for the winter, after harvesting, they must be prepared. To start, sort them out. Put aside damaged, wormy and too small fruits. They are not suitable for long-term storage, but are great for blanks.

    Then place the apples in a single layer under a canopy and leave for a few weeks. It is not necessary to wash them beforehand, because for long-term storage it is impossible to allow the washing away of their natural deposit. During this time, some fruits may start to rot, they will need to be put aside.

    Apple storage methods

    Options for optimal storage of apples, there are several:

    • Sawdust or shavings. Take cardboard boxes and dry them. Then put a thick layer of sawdust or shavings (about 5-7 cm) on their bottom. After that, start to lay apples in one row. Then pour them with sawdust or shavings, and then re-lay the fruit on top. Do this until you fill the entire container.
    • Plastic lari. If you have such containers, then you can store apples in them. But first they will need to be processed in the following solution: mix 500 mg of alcohol with 100 g of propolis and heat to 45 degrees. Be sure to dry the apples in the air after that, and then lay them on the chests.
    • Wooden boxes. To preserve the fruits for a long period, each of them must be wrapped in a napkin or newspaper before laying.

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