• How to keep roses in a vase? How long to keep a bouquet of roses?

    How to keep roses in a vase? How long to keep a bouquet of roses?

    How to keep roses in a vase? How long to keep a bouquet of roses?

    Women, girls love when they give flowers. A special pleasure gives a bouquet of roses. These royal flowers will tell more than words. I really want to admire the majestic simplicity of roses for a very long time.


    Every day more than one million luxurious bouquets of various roses are created and sold in the world. These magnificent flowers are valued for their delicate fragrance, the aesthetics of the bud, which is formed from dozens of delicate petals, as well as for the elegance of the stem. He is so revered that many want to learn how to draw roses or how to make a rose out of paper.


    Florists are optimistic that there is no need to worry much about how to keep roses in a vase. By creating the right care, they will please their new owner for up to three weeks, and sometimes even a whole month. How do you take care of the roses so that they stand longer in the water?


    How to save roses longer?



    When choosing roses you need to pay attention to the freshness of flowers. Will help to understand this green leaves near the flower head. In freshly cut buds, the leaves fit snugly, and if they are fully opened and lowered down, the flowers will soon wither.


    Roses donated in the winter can not be immediately put into the water, you need to give them a little warm up in the apartment. After some time, remove the packaging from the colors, and then put it in the vase.


    How to keep roses in a vase?


    How to keep roses in a vase? How long to keep a bouquet of roses?

    How long to save cut roses, a bouquet of roses?


    Florists do not allow roses to be placed under running water, as much oxygen is dissolved in it. It is advisable to put flowers in boiled water, which has 12-15 degrees. This is the most suitable temperature for a bouquet. You should also not forget that in the summer heat the water can be cool, and in the winter to put flowers in warm water. The water in the vase should cover 2/3 the length of the stems.


    So you do not have to think about how to keep the roses in the vase a little longer, you need to cut the stems. An incision is made with pruning shears obliquely and under running water so that there is no air entering the cut. You also need to make a cross-shaped incision of the stem deep.


    Extends the life of roses removing thorns and leaves from the bottom of the stem. If this is not done, then they will begin to rot in the water and this will shorten the life of the roses, and they will wilt faster. The leaves at the top of the stem do not need to be removed, they will give the bouquet a special decoration and luxury. If you want to know how to keep cut roses longer, then remember that they do not tolerate the direct rays of the sun.

    In the water for cut roses add special nutritional supplements for flowers. You can also use folk remedies: add 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 25 grams of sugar for 1 liter of water. It is recommended to pour into the water antibacterial agents such as aspirin, vodka, borax, alum. Modern roses, bought in a store that is resistant to chemicals, so you can pour a drop of laundry bleach as a disinfectant.


    The best water for cut flowers - snow (thawed), rain or distilled.


    For the roses to stand longer, the water in the vase needs to be changed 1 time in 3 days, if you change the water every day they will stand even longer. The vase needs to be washed each time. Roses love spraying. Therefore, the bouquet should be sprayed several times a day from the sprayer, but so that the water does not fall into the center of the buds, but only on the petals.


    Remove dried leaves and petals as they appear, they poison water and promote rotting. Update the cut of the stems with each change of water.


    How to keep cut roses longer?



    Roses are very capricious flowers. They do not tolerate the neighborhood in a bouquet with lilies, carnations, orchids, gerberas. Designer bouquet must be divided, no matter how wonderful it is.


    Keep fresh fruit away from the rose. They secrete a substance that accelerates the ripening of the fruit, which means that the rose will quickly throw off the leaves to ripen the seeds.


    How to keep cut roses longer?


    The queen of flowers does not tolerate stuffy and hot rooms. At a temperature of 18-20 degrees, roses are better preserved than at + 22 degrees. Do not place roses near a heat source.


    A bouquet of roses will last longer in a cool place, but not in a draft. They also do not tolerate cigarette smoke.


    Ambulance roses in a vase



    At the first signs of wilting the bouquet, try such measures to save roses in a vase. Update sections of stems and flowers to put in a bath with cold water overnight. It is necessary that at the same time the stems and leaves were covered with water, and the buds only touched. This procedure can be applied not only as an ambulance, but also immersed in a bath of water every night, the bouquet will look fresh for a long time.


    In order to “revive” the bouquet, experts advise that the withering bouquet be put into boiling water so that it covers several centimeters of the stem and cover the roses with a paper bag so that the flowers do not get damaged by the steam. After 2-3 minutes, remove the flowers from the boiling water, cut off the dark part of the stem and immediately place in cold water. Thus all bacteria will be killed and the air will leave the stems.


    There are some more interesting secrets that affect the longevity of roses. Many have long noticed that these wonderful flowers, if they are presented with love and from a pure heart, they will delight for a long, long time with beauty and freshness.


    We think that all our recommendations will help you not only to choose the best bouquet of roses, but also help to preserve its beauty as long as possible. After all, roses are not only a decoration of the house, but also delight the eye and give wonderful emotions for a long time.


    Give roses more often and get them for free.

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