• How to knit a circle?

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    How to knit a circle?

    When knitting napkins, hats, rugs or decorative items there is a need to tie a flat circle. This can be done with a hook, or with the help of knitting needles. At the heart of knitting a circle is the same principle - the uniform addition of loops in each subsequent round.

    Crochet crochet crochet circle

    Before crocheting in a circle, you should dial 3 air loops and join them in a circle.

    Next, proceed according to the scheme:

    • 1st row: Tie 2 columns with no single crochet from each air loop. In total 6 columns will turn out.
    • 2nd row: Perform one lift air loop. In the next loop of the base to connect 2 columns without nakida. Repeat the same until the end of the row. As a result, in a row there will be 12 columns. We close the row, introducing the hook not into the lift loop, but into the first column without single crochet.
    • 3rd row: Each new row starts with an air lift loop. In this series also need to add 6 additional loops. For this, 2 single crochets are knitted from each second loop. Thus, in the next loop of the base we knit 2 columns, then one column, so alternate to the end of the row. In total, 18 columns will turn out. We close the series as described above.
    • 4th row: 1 air lift loop. In order to evenly add 6 columns, it is necessary to knit from each third loop 2 columns without single crochet. In the next loop of the base we knit 2 columns, then in 2 loops one column each, thus alternating to the end of the row. Close the row. It turns out 24 columns in a row.
    • We knit the 5th and subsequent rows by analogy, increasing in each row by one the distance between the loops, from which two columns are knitted. The number of bars in each successive row increases by 6.

    Crochet crochet crochet circle

    It is possible to knit a circle with the help of crochets with nakida. The more nakidov, the more loose and soft canvas is obtained and the circle expands faster. At the same time, so that the canvas did not work out convex, it is necessary to increase the number of additional columns in each row.

    The number of loops that we add in each new circle, if we knit with bars:

    • with one crochet - 12
    • with two bows - 16
    • with three naquids - 20

    Knitting circle

    You can tie a circle not only with crochet, but also with knitting needles. It is more convenient to do this with the help of 5 identical spokes pointed at the ends. The technique of knitting with five knitting needles is described in the article How to Knit Mittens.

    Before knitting with 5 knitting needles in a circle, you should collect 8 loops and join them into a circle, distributing 2 loops to each knitting needle.

    • In the first row you need to add 8 loops, that is, do a cape after each loop. The number of loops will increase to 16.
    • Second row knit without knit.
    • In the third row add 8 loops again. For this nakidy done every 2 loops.

    Next, one row knit without nakidov. In the next add on 8 loops.

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