• How to knit a square?

    Elena Shchugoreva
    Elena Shchugoreva
    January 28, 2013
    How to knit a square?

    Knitting a square begins with a chain of four air loops, connected in a ring. Further work continues in a circle. The second row is knitted in the following way: a hook is inserted into the center of the circle, and the thread is wrapped around a chain of air loops. Then the number of loops is divided into four parts. In each corner there is a chain of three air loops in the same place. After 3-4 rows, the square is completed completely, and further it becomes easier to knit. If you need to adjust the size of the square, then the last row can be made from columns without nakida. This will reduce the square. Changing the color of the threads each row or through a row or two, we get a colored square, which will give the slippers a mood.

    Crocheted sneakers from squares are good in that they can be made not in one sitting, but to do them when there is time for it. A beginner in needlework will be able to tie the square of the workpiece, and the result will please anyone, even the pro.

    Knitted slippers

    In addition, you can knit and knitted slippers.

    The photo shows a model of striped slippers. Linking them is a snap.Follow the step-by-step photo instructions, and you will succeed!

    Knit slippers

    Knitted slippers should be knitted as follows:

    • First crochet the sole. Use hook no. 4. Dial a chain of 23 air loops, tie it on both sides with a double crochet (see diagram 1). To round the edge, add 6 double crochets on each side. Follow the knitting pattern 1. When you finish the sole, cut the thread.
    • Continue working with red yarn. Fold the thread in 2 layers. Pull back 5 cm from the edge of the heel. Knit the 4th row of the scheme 1 in the direction of the heel (photo 2). Tie the heel loop in the loop to the end of the row.
    • Next, knit the 5th row of gray yarn in 2 layers according to scheme 2. Tie the heel, on the toe, perform a decrease, tie the row to the end.
    • Continue knitting, alternating between red and gray threads. Follow the diagram.
    • Tie the top with a red yarn with a single crochet. Turn down 3 columns on the toe cap, one on the heel.
    • Also tie the second slipper. Your slippers are ready!

    We decorate slippers

    Tie a few colors to decorate your slippers.

    • Use the hook number 2.5. To make a stamen, tie a chain of 4 air loops and tie them with crochets.
    • Knit the flowers themselves in accordance with the schemes. For a gray flower - the diagram 4, for the red ones - the diagram 3.
    • Fasten the stamens on the sneaker, string the flowers on them, and then fasten them with a thread.

    Now you know how to crochet slippers. Delight your family and friends with these cute exclusive items!

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