• How to knit socks and crochet - tips and video examples

    Spring, like summer in the fall, quickly dies into the past, and winter will come again. Even now you need to think about how to knit socks with knitting needles for beginners step by step on 5 and 2 spokes, because they will warm your feet well in the frosty evenings.

    Is knitting your hobby? Have you ever thought to knit socks, but is the fear of doing it wrong all the time stopping? Believe, your fears are unfounded. Take courage and create the first knitted thing. The day when this happens, you will remember for a long time.

    Creative work involves the use of certain tools - knitting needles or hooks. I recommend to buy thin needles to tie tight socks. To solve the problem, you need a quality thread. The ideal option is a sock yarn consisting of wool and polyamide. Such a thread is not monotonous, so unusual and interesting patterns are obtained.

    Quality yarn is not afraid of washing and is resistant to wear.Therefore, knitted socks can be worn for several seasons without fear that a hole will appear on the heel or toe. The yarn in small skeins is on sale. One skein is enough for one warm and beautiful pair of socks.

    How to knit socks on 5 needles

    First of all, I'll tell you how to knit socks on 5 spokes. Consider in detail the rules of vyvyazyvaniya heel, the formation of a wedge rise and decrease of the toe. This will help learn the basics of knitting.

    For knitting the first socks, I recommend to buy a wool blend yarn with a low content of acrylic and five stockings of the third number.

    • To match the sock size, make a trial version of the front surface. This will allow us to calculate the number of loops in ten centimeters of knitting. Next, take a centimeter tape and measure the ankle, heel height, length and the widest part of the foot.
    • Making accurate measurements, you will find out the number of loops for knitting the cuff. The number of loops is always even, preferably, a multiple of four. Then distribute the loops into four needles.
    • Continue to knit the cuff in a circle, elastic 2 by 2, constantly alternating the front loops with the purl. To decorate socks, take a thread of a different color, making a few colored stripes.
    • After tying the cuff of the desired length, proceed to knitting the heel.Continue knitting with the facial smoothness, using loops on 2 spokes. For the sake of convenience, it is recommended to shift them by one needle. The canvas should match the height of the heel.
    • Mentally divide the loops into three equal parts. Begin the formation of the heel from the reverse side. To do this, knit with purl loops one side part, then loop the central part. Crochet the last loop with the first loop of the second side part. It remains to complete the series of the second part.
    • Work turn and repeat all actions. So do until the side loops end. So, the heel of the knitted sock is ready.
    • We continue to knit a sock in a circle. Loop dial on the side of the heel. I always insert a knitting needle into the last loop and knit a front loop from it.
    • On the sides of the heel, type the required number of loops and distribute on two needles, adding loops of the central part. As a result, the number of eyelets on the needles, which we knit the upper part, will remain unchanged, and in the lower part their number will slightly increase.
    • In the following series, begin the formation of the wedge, reducing the loop. For this, tie two loops together from the lower spokes together.It is possible through one row or in each row. Depends on measurements.
    • Cutting the number of loops, continue knitting in a circle until the start of the thumb. It remains to form the toe. For these purposes, in each row, subtract two loops from both sides.
    • When there are four loops, cut the thread and stretch it through them with a hook. Fix recommend from the seamy side. One sock is ready. The second knit in a similar way.

    Video tips and examples

    At first glance, knitting technique with 5 knitting needles may seem too complicated. But believe me, in reality it is not. With a little practice, you put your hand in, and you’ll get excellent knitted socks.

    Knitting socks on 2 needles for beginners

    If only you master the art of knitting, you will need to get woolen threads, knitting needles of the second number, a set of pins and a measuring tape.

    First, take your measurements. Measure the circumference of your foot and the circumference of your ankle as accurately as possible. This will determine the number of loops for knitting gum. Multiply the knitting density by the leg circumference, which is in centimeters.

    To knit the elements of the sock with two knitting needles. They do not need to be sewn. First, tie the back of the product. After the heel and sole to the toe fit. Lastly, the upper part, which during knitting is combined with the sole.

    1. On one needle, type half of the loops for knitting the cuff. The number depends on the density of knitting, which is determined by the thickness of the thread and the number of needles. This indicator is also influenced by previously taken measurements.
    2. Getting to the knitting of the cuff with an elastic band, alternating the front and back loops. 7 centimeters is enough. Next, connect the front face with another 8 cm of canvas. The resulting element - the back of the product from the heel to the cuff.
    3. Tie a heel. In the front rows, tie each two loops together. Do this after the first edge loop and before the loop closing the row.
    4. Having reduced the number of loops to the widow, we make additions by typing a loop from the heel bevel edge at the end of the row. It is enough to enter the spoke by the edge of the loop, grab the working thread and pull out the formed loop on the spoke.
    5. Having brought the number of loops to the original figure, stop dialing. Knitted heel will be wedge-shaped.Then tie the sole stitch up to the base of the thumb.
    6. Toe knit toe, like the heel. Initially subtracting until the number of loops is halved. After the loop add.
    7. When the number of loops "returns to normal", continue knitting the upper part of the product. From the edge of the sole at the end of the rows type loops.
    8. After knitting the top of the sock, finish the gum. When the cuff is ready, close the loop and secure the ends of the thread. The sock is ready. The second fit in the same way.

    Video simplified method of knitting a sock with two knitting needles

    How to crochet socks

    Before crocheting socks, stock up with a skein of thread, a thin crochet, scissors, and sewing accessories.

    • Crochet sock starts from the top. Dial a chain consisting of seventeen loops. Use the first two loops as a lift, after, with a single crochet, knit the first row using the remaining loops.
    • Knit with a single crochet post, constantly grabbing the back thread of the stitches of the previous row. Knit until the length of the canvas does not amount to leg girth. Thirty rows is enough.
    • The resulting canvas fold in half and connect with chain stitch.If it is possible to correctly seam, after turning the finished stocking on the front side, it will turn out to be almost imperceptible.
    • Knit around the bottom of the gum column with no crochet. Thirty loops will turn out. Capture both strands of the previous row. Five rows abound.
    • It's time to tie the heel. After completing the previous row, unfold the product and knit half of the circle on the inside. Similarly, knit seven rows, grabbing only the back loop of the loop.
    • From the edge, count five loops, and skip them. Knit with the sixth loops and knit five loops. Then unroll the knitting, crochet four loops, and knit the fifth with the near loop of the previous "five".
    • Next, knit in a similar way, until you shorten the loops of both "fives". Heel is ready. Next, we knit in a circle the base element, grabbing both stitches of the loop.
    • Knit one row, start cutting loops. On each side, knit two loops together. So go through three rows. Then knit in a circle, without reducing the number of loops. 15 rows is enough.
    • Round the sock. Knit six rows with a decrease in the loops.When there are 6 loops, turn the sock inside out, pull off the circle and tie it over the knot. It remains to cut the thread and make a second sock.

    If you are afraid to immediately undertake such work, take a skein of thread and a hook, and practice using basic elements, including a single crochet.

    Master class in crochet

    Knitted socks are a thing made by hand. Do not be surprised that they are worth a lot, because a person, pretty much worked. Plus, the high price of knitted things is due to positive properties.

    Positive properties of knitted things

    Originality. For many, this quality is very important, as it is distinguished from the crowd. If you buy an ordinary thing in the store, you can easily meet another person in the same clothes while walking down the street.

    Quality. Manual binding ensures high quality and long service life. When the master makes a little thing with his own hands, he puts soul and love into each loop. Such clothes are very nice to wear.

    . If you want to become fashionable and beautiful, buy knitted clothes. It is cheaper than clothes of well-known brands, and a variety of styles and patterns can easily fit any shape.

    Practicality. Knitted things perfectly fit any weather conditions. Products made from thick yarn, perfectly warm. Lightweight yarn paired with a knitting openwork is ideal for summer.

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    Go to the store, buy a few skeins of high-quality yarn and spend your free time with knitting or crocheting.

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