• How to learn English?

    How did I start learning English in my time? From the fact that he begged a pocket dictionary from a neighbor on the porch. No matter how ridiculous, then in bookstores it was a problem to buy a dictionary. Now in the store you can find a lot of dictionaries, textbooks, computer English courses, films and audio books in English. However, the question of how to learn English, and even more so - how to quickly learn English, is still very acute for many.

    How long will have to learn?

    I have to say right away, do not believe the one who claims to know how to learn English in a day - this is simply unrealistic. In my opinion, a normal period to reach a level when you can use your knowledge of English in practice is about two years. Does the term seem big? So after all someone teaches and for 10 years, and still not satisfied with the result!

    Alone or with a teacher?

    First, decide whether you are ready to study on your own or if you need to take courses. It seems to me that classes on courses or with a tutor are nevertheless necessary. Yes, now there are a lot of audio courses for self-study.Yes, the Internet makes it possible to communicate with native speakers in various forums, simply by ICQ. But a person cannot track his mistakes himself. And your English-speaking interlocutor is unlikely to correct you - somehow impolite, and why does he need it? Therefore, at some stage it’s still worth being like courses. Immediately or later - decide for yourself. It seems to me that you can type in some kind of base yourself, then go to a more advanced course.

    Learn words or phrases?

    Where to start classes? From the most simple dialogs, remembering the rules for constructing English phrases, and slowly increasing vocabulary. It is very important to memorize exactly the examples of constructing whole phrases, then you will be able to create similar phrases using the same template. Just learning words is not enough! The fact is that the rules for constructing phrases in English differ from those we are used to. Consequently, if you replace every word in English with a Russian phrase, and write or say the resulting English-speaking interlocutor, the result is most likely not very good. At best, your phrase will cause a smile, at worst - you just will not understand.

    How to memorize all this?

    Therefore, memorize phrases (although the words contained in them separately can and should be repeated!). How to learn English words? A good way to memorize words is the associative method. You have to create some kind of bright image, a picture related to the meaning and sound of the word you want to remember. For example, the word confine - border, limit. The word is congruent with (in my opinion, at least) the Russian word "candy." Imagine that you need to keep the child in place, and you spread around the border of chocolates. Of course, the child is now not going anywhere until he eats candy. A few hours after reading this article, you can ask yourself, do you remember how to translate confine? The probability that you remember is much higher than if you just read this word and its translation.

    In the process of learning it is important to use as many channels of perception as possible. Therefore, it is recommended to immediately begin not only to read the dialogues, but also to listen to them. Or even listen to a large amount of time first, and then read. It doesn’t matter that you don’t understand what is being said - listen to the music of the language.Phrases will settle somewhere in the subconscious, then English words will quickly and firmly link up with their Russian translation. The convenience of listening to conversations is that thanks to this you can devote a lot of time to English that is wasted - when traveling in transport, for example.

    Exercise regularly!

    Another tip for learning English: do it regularly. This is very important, especially at the initial stage, when nothing is clear, nothing happens and I want to give up everything. It is necessary to pass this barrier. Then it will be easier and more interesting. Having typed some vocabulary, you can choose for yourself books and movies by interests. Of course, if you like fiction, then you will read Bradbury and Sheckley in English much more interesting than standard texts from a textbook. Worse, if you like only militants with Schwarzenegger - you cannot learn a large vocabulary from there, but you already know the phrase I'll be already :)

    The previous paragraph is more related to tips on how to learn English yourself. However, as I have already said, it is still necessary to work with a teacher. Which courses or which tutor to choose - decide for yourself.It is desirable, of course, that it would be really interesting to study and the load would be close to the limit of your possibilities. In this case, you can assume that it is not for nothing that you spend money on your studies.

    Why do you learn English?

    And the last thing - think about how to use the knowledge gained in English. Motivation is a very significant moment in learning. You should be firmly aware that English will allow you to achieve: 1) ... 2) ... 3) ... Independently replace dots with phrases, based on your interests and value system. For one, career and high salary are more important, for the other, the opportunity to travel and communicate abroad, the third one wants to read S. King in the original. The main thing is that you feel that learning English is not easy.

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