• How to learn music?

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    How to learn music?

    Many dream to learn to play any musical instrument. Someone wants to entertain friends around the campfire with a guitar and someone wants to win the heart of her beloved with the help of music. Many people want to make music the meaning of their lives, making money, to get fame through it. Anyway, it is worth starting somewhere.

    In this article, and tell you how to learn music and how to start to do it.

    How to start learning

    First of all, it is worth deciding in which direction you want to start the path to the music Olympus. For example, you need to decide on the musical instrument you want to play. If you are just getting acquainted with the world of music, then it is advisable to focus on a single instrument. In the world there is a huge variety of musical instruments and making a choice is not so easy.

    Keyboard, plucked, stringed, wind, and each still has its own subcategories. Probably, it makes sense to begin acquaintance with music on popular instruments, such as guitar, piano, bayan, violin, flute.You can easily find the necessary information on them in any quantities and for any level of knowledge. Instruments such as the button accordion, guitar and piano are complex instruments. On them, people learn to play for years. On the flute, for example, you can learn to play much faster and easier, but you cannot play a full-fledged work on it, it can act as a solo instrument. It is also worth considering when choosing a musical instrument for yourself.

    When you have decided on a musical instrument for yourself and purchased it, you should start learning. Although all the tools and different, but still you can bring the learning process to a general form. Depending on the method of obtaining sound, first of all, the time comes for the correct extraction of sound from the instrument. This may be the correct setting of the hands, breathing, landing for the instrument. In parallel with this, it is worth learning how to read a musical note.

    We briefly describe how to read the stave.

    How to read the stave in music

    In total there are 7 notes or 12 semitones. They differ from each other in pitch. On the stave there are 5 lines for notes. The notes on the stave are depicted as dots.Each ruler and the gap between these rulers correspond to a specific note. Additional rulers are also used when the height of the note is outside the range covered by the main 5 rulers. There must always be a key on the stave, from which you need to make a start while reading the notes. The well-known treble clef is depicted on the second ruler below and corresponds to the note “salt”. Accordingly, the gap between the second and third ruler will correspond to the note “A”. The third line will correspond to the note "si", etc. In fact, the musical notation is quite simple, as it may seem.

    When you have understood the musical note, it is worth starting to learn some simple works. In parallel with this, regardless of the type of musical instrument, it is useful to play scales on it. Also try to always play under the metronome. It is very useful for developing a sense of rhythm. The main thing is to try to devote regular training time. Let a little, but constantly.

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