• How to learn to draw arrows?

    Ksenia Vilinskaya
    Ksenia Vilinskaya
    October 15, 2014
    How to learn to draw arrows?

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    How to learn to draw arrows?

    Beginners who do not know where to start drawing arrows will need a tool - one of the tools for liner, a brush for applying and shaping. Learning to draw arrows is not as difficult as it first seems.

    Means for liner - from liner to pencil


    It is chosen by those who already have experience and a full hand. If you are just starting to get acquainted with the arrows - the lines made by the liner may turn out crookedly and carelessly. And it is necessary to wash off all eye makeup.


    Smooth line will be easier, and if necessary, it can be adjusted with a brush. It is also convenient to shine pencil arrows to create a softer make-up. However, it is important to keep in mind some of the nuances. First, a waterproof pencil should be applied quickly and clearly, and therefore it is not suitable for beginners. Secondly, it is necessary to put a base for the shadows under a regular pencil, and fix it with a liner on top - otherwise it will have to be constantly updated.

    Eyeliner marker

    It has a lot of advantages.It is quickly applied, the lines are quite smooth, but the hand for it should be trained. Such an eyeliner is more convenient than a liner and lasts longer than a pencil.


    Drawing arrows with shadows is easiest. Using a brush with a beveled end and a wet method, you will draw straight arrows. Shadows are easy to shade, while at the base they will hold for a long time no worse than a professional eyeliner. If you prefer shadows, use a slightly damp brush - this will give you a clear, saturated line.

    How to draw arrows

    Eyes can be started from the outside corner. Carefully, in small movements, lay the line at the very eyelashes. When everything is ready, we will thicken the arrow and draw it beyond the lash line, parallel to the lower eyelid - towards the temple. Learn more about how to draw arrows with liner - there are secrets and rules here. The tail is simple to make - bring the liner to the outer edge, put a small dot and blink. The line itself will be formed - it will remain to add forms.

    Adjust the arrows and tails easily with a corrector. Type a little corrector, mask all the bumps. Gradually, you will learn how to draw the correct straight arrows, without putting effort, "on the machine".

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