• How to learn to make feints?

    Cool guys want to play football. But before you learn how to do football feints, you need to master the basics of possession of the ball, that is, start with the simplest things.

    Chasing the ball is the most important exercise.

    The first and most important exercise on which your ability to handle and possess the ball will continue to depend is chasing. It is necessary to learn how to tamp the ball until its strikes on the foot begin to soften, that is, a good chasing is first and foremost the possession of the foot. So that everything works out as it should, after the ball bounced off the foot, you should try to accompany it with your foot, this is especially important when the ball starts to fall down. Keep your foot down with him and at the right moment substitute so that the blow is soft. If the kick is soft, then the ball will be easily manageable. We add that a level is considered normal when you can consistently mint a ball with each foot at least one hundred times.

    Keep the ball foot

    How to learn to make feints? Let's look at the obstacles. The mistake of the newbies is that they fill the ball in a big way, hitting it hard enough.How much time it took me to understand this, until with the help of my VCR I saw on the tape of the Argentina national team football match, as the legendary Maradona does. After all, what was the secret of his phenomenal passes and strikes - it seemed he was just “licking” the ball with his foot. It is thanks to the soft processing, when the ball is literally glued to the foot, and virtually any tricks are possible.

    Therefore, the following is an obligatory exercise, without which no trick will be obtained - the ability to hold the ball on one leg. To do this, when the ball falls on your boot, press it to your leg with a toe. So you will gradually manage to keep the ball on your foot, which, in addition to chasing, is an integral part of most tricks. It will be useful to learn to hold the ball both on the head and on the neck, although, frankly, I succeed with difficulty, and even from my friend, a good amateur football player, this is not always the case from the first time. Now about the most popular tricks.

    How to learn to make feints with dribbling

    False swing

    This trick occurs most often - how many times I came across him, being a protector.It is done like this: when a team mate gives you a lower gear, stop the ball with the sole and wait until the opponent's defender is two or three meters away from you. Now pretend that you are going to hit the ball, and just carry your leg over the ball so that the ball remains in place. The only swing must be directed in a certain direction, where you allegedly wanted to pass the ball, so that the defender “bought it”. This trick is best practiced on the street alone or even at home, and for a beginner it is not as easy as it may seem at first. How many times do you hit the ball or hit it during a false strike! But then everything will go like clockwork even in the game!

    False stop the ball

    This trick is very effective when you need to get rid of the enemy attacking you from the side, leaving him behind. Keep the ball and when the enemy starts running up to you from the side, put your leading leg over the ball as if you want to stop it. As a rule, the enemy will also begin to slow down or will move in the tackle, and at this time you push the ball further with a quick movement and run forward. The only thing,what you need to pay attention to - do not give your opponent the opportunity to even slightly touch the ball with a jab or tackle, otherwise the trick will not work, do it when the opponent is still approaching you.

    Change of attack direction

    Perhaps this trick is simpler than the previous one. All you have to do is tilt the body and swing the ball so that the player (or players) of the opposing team believes that you are going to send the ball, for example, to the right flank of the attack. In the meantime, you need to turn around sharply and, hitting the ball in the opposite direction, run to the left. The success of doing this, in general, simple to perform a feint is entirely dependent on your technical skills - in fact, as well as the success of performing all the above described feints. So do not shun the routine work - mint the ball and learn to stop it, and then the question of how to learn to make feints will stop bothering you.

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