• How to learn to seduce

    Appearance still plays an important role in seducing a man. Therefore, take care of yourself, but do not turn into an emaciated girl of a painful look. It is necessary to achieve the optimal shape, when there is not too much, but there is a reason to hold on. In addition, grow long hair, at least below the shoulder. After all, curls have always been a sign of femininity that attracts men.
    Do not use aggressive technology. These include, among others, long nails, which are unpleasant for some men. Much prettier look short nails with a neat manicure. It is also better to wash the bright coloring off the face. Men believe in natural beauty. Short skirt or neckline - choose one thing so as not to look too affordable. Leave men a place for imagination, because it turns them on.
    Use invocatory gestures to seduce a man. Throw back hair by the shoulder, “accidentally” touch it. Play with your eyes: when talking, look behind the man, and then quickly in his eyes.From a sharp focus, the pupils will expand, and your view will have a special magnetism.
    Adjust under the man and repeat his movements. Act carefully, not every movement should be copied, but only particularly obvious. For example, if he changed his position, folded his arms differently or nods, listening to someone. In a conversation, you can insert his quotes or slightly reformulated phrases so that he feels a community of thoughts with you.
    If a man is sitting at the other end of the room, attract his attention with an uncomplicated gesture. Look at him over your shoulder, and when he looks in your direction, put one foot on the other and your hand on top of the thigh. A man will follow your hand and pay attention to your thigh, covered with a cloth. After some time, he may come to you and offer to form a company.
    Listen carefully to the man and laugh at his jokes. But laugh beautifully. Practice in front of the mirror to make it look sexy, and with audio recording - for the beauty of the sound. If not, take advantage of a win-win option - a charming smile.
    Learn to keep up the conversation.It is not necessary to understand all the topics, but if you can insert a relevant question into the conversation, it will already impress a man.
    Speak slowly and quietly to create an atmosphere of intimacy. Trying to hear you in a noisy room, the man will lean towards you and feel the light scent of your perfume. So you will be closer to each other physically, reducing the size of personal space.

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