• How to learn to twist the hoop at the waist?

    Today the hoop has become so popular that almost every third girl has one. And every second plans to purchase such a sports projectile. But to buy is half the battle, it is important to learn how to turn the hula-hoop correctly, otherwise there will be no benefit. And how to do it?

    Just learn

    A little about the benefits and contraindications

    The benefits of practicing with hulahup is invaluable, especially for your appearance. Here is what it gives:

    • Exercises with a hoop are very useful for losing weight. Subcutaneous fat is literally crushed, and as a result, it begins to burn faster. This allows you to remove the bulging belly and sides.
    • Since exercises involve the abdominal muscles, they will gradually strengthen and become more prominent.
    • This is a kind of massage that accelerates blood circulation in the abdomen and metabolic processes. And this means that you can get rid of extra pounds and hateful cellulite.
    • Improving the blood supply in this area can improve the functioning of the internal organs.Many say that normal digestion.

    Now for the contraindications:

    • Severe varicose veins.
    • Diseases of the abdominal cavity.
    • Gynecological diseases.
    • It should not be practiced during menstruation, it can cause bleeding.
    • Pregnancy and the first time after childbirth (1,5-2 months).

    How to choose a hoop?

    Useful for the waist

    To make the exercises as comfortable and effective as possible, it is important to choose hula hoops. And how to choose it? There are different types:

    1. The simplest option is the usual metal thin hoop, which we all know from school. This material is durable and quite heavy, so the effect of training will definitely be.
    2. The weighted metal hulaohup is heavier than the first version, so it is more suitable for trained girls than for beginners.
    3. If you are just starting to study and are a beginner in such a business, then get an ordinary plastic wrap. It is light and will not leave bruises. But then it will need to be replaced by something more serious.
    4. There are also hoops with special massage elements. These can be studded nozzles (they can be removed if desired) or convex rollers. Such details will enhance the effect of training.
    5. Flexible hoop made of reinforced rubber.It is thick and very heavy, so the load will be intense. In addition, such a projectile can be used for some other exercises, for example, to work out the muscles of the arms and hips.

    And here are a few more points:

    • Some models are equipped with motion sensors and speed counters and burned calories. Such a detail is optional, but very useful for some.
    • Price hulahupov can be different. The simplest version will cost about 200-300 rubles, and more complex ones will cost 1500-3000 rubles.
    • The weight of such shells varies from 500 grams to 2-2.5 kilograms. If you are a beginner, choose easier options, and then go on to more difficult ones.

    How to turn?

    Many love him

    It would seem that in the rotation of the hoop is nothing complicated, but so few people think so far. And how to learn to twist the hoop around the waist? Here are some helpful tips:

    1. First of all, you need to take the right position. Legs must be brought together. If they are placed, the load on the abdominal muscles will be minimal, and the exercise will have no effect. The back must necessarily be the back, otherwise the spine can be damaged. It is best to clasp your hands in a lock in front of your chest or put them behind your head so that they do not interfere. This position is fundamental when performing rotation.
    2. Now take the hoop and try to twist it. The pelvis, hips and the whole body remain motionless, only the waist moves. Rotate it clockwise, making circles, and not moving back and forth. No jerks and sudden movements! It may cause injury. It is better to rotate clockwise, although some exercises require a side change. If you manage to hold the hula hoop in one position, then keep up the good work. If it falls, try again: look for your optimal pace, adjust the movement, try.
    3. Watch your breathing, it should be deep and even.
    4. Try to maintain a certain pace. Then you can change it.

    How to train?

    Now a few basic rules for effective training with hulahup:

    • How much can you twist a hula hoop? For the first time, a few minutes will suffice. The next day, increase your workout time. The minimum duration of classes is 10 minutes; shorter training will not give any result. And it is better to turn the hula-hoop for 20-30 minutes a day, but not longer than an hour. If the hoop is heavy, then the duration of one lesson should not exceed 20-25 minutes.
    • You have to do it every day! If you twist the hula hoop once a week, it is best not to twist it at all.
    • Do not exercise immediately after a meal or on an empty stomach. The best option is 1.5-2 hours before or after meals.
    • Specify the specific time of training yourself, it all depends on your employment and daily routine. But it is not recommended to practice right before bedtime, do it at least an hour before it.
    • Before training, do a light workout to warm up your muscles a little.
    • If there are bruises, then stop training is not worth it. Just reduce the load and put on a tight T-shirt or jacket, to avoid further injury. And in order to avoid hematomas, beginners are recommended to start training only in clothes. If the skin is thin and sensitive, then you can additionally wear a special thermal belt. Then you can gradually get rid of clothes.

    Several effective exercises

    Simple rotation is, of course, effective. But if you want to enhance the effect and speed up the process of losing weight and burning fat, then perform various exercises that will allow you to use other muscle groups and increase the load:

    1. Rotate the hoop and simultaneously take steps in place, lifting your knees to the level of a rotating hulaohupa.
    2. Legs slightly apart, begin to rotate the hulahup and at the same time slowly squat as far as possible, keeping balance and holding the hoop. Then also slowly return to the starting position. Such an exercise will strengthen not only the abdominal muscles, but also the muscles of the hips and buttocks.
    3. During the rotation, take steps: first one forward, then back, and then in different directions.
    4. Twist the hoop and at the same time make the tilt of the body in different directions, without stopping the rotation. Bend over slowly, hold the hula hoops.
    5. Spin the hula hoop and walk around the room (of course, if space permits).
    6. Legs connect and slightly bend at the knees, torso slightly tilt forward so that the back while remaining straight. Start the rotation. It turns out that the hoop will spin not parallel to the floor, but at an angle to it.
    7. Place one leg in front of the other (there should be a short distance between them) and rotate the hoop in this position. It turns out that you will do the thrusts not only with the waist, but also with your hips, as a result of which their muscles will also be worked out.
    8. Rotate first one way, then the other.
    9. Twist the hula hoop in the usual position (legs together, back straight), but change the pace: first rotate slowly, then accelerate, and then slow down again.
    10. You can twist the hoop not only at the waist, but also on the arms, on the buttocks and on the hips. Such exercises will also be effective to reduce the volume of problem areas.

    Buy a suitable hoop, start practicing, and after a month you will notice the results and rejoice!

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