• How to look stylish?

    Style is a unique combination of the external image of a person with his character, inner qualities, lifestyle, behavior. Looking stylish is not so easy, because for this you need to have an artistic taste, a sense of proportion, and a bit of courage or even audacity. However, you can learn this wisdom by mastering the basic rules. About them, and will be discussed further.

    10 rules for creating a stylish image

    We offer you several postulates that will be equally relevant for both women and men, who are thinking about how to look stylish.

    1. Wear things that fit you perfectly, fit your body. Moreover, it is desirable that these things hide your weaknesses and highlight the merits.
    2. Wear what suits you, not what is fashionable. What goes is not always fashionable, and not always fashionable can come to you.
    3. Know the measure. A bright motley tie requires a discreet suit, volumetric sleeves on the dress - a smooth neat hairstyle, an open bottom - a closed top, bright eyes - more tender, pastel lip tones, etc.
    4. Include a highlight in the image. It may consist in a seemingly inadvertently falling out of the hair a flirtatious curl, a nontrivial clip for a tie with a strict business suit, a cute handmade bracelet, and so on. Just keep in mind that such an emphasis can be only one.
    5. Love the accessories. High-quality weighty watches, sunglasses in stunning beauty frame, colorful necklace, interesting cufflinks, light as a feather, a scarf - all this is intended to make your image complete, beautiful, memorable.
    6. You should not save on the following: health of hair and skin, manicure tidiness, shoes and perfumes. All these elements of the image are able to brighten up the flaws of the fashionable wardrobe, to hide the cheapness of certain things, because you will look well-groomed, and this is already a huge plus.
    7. Dress by age, remembering that the older you get, the more solid and respectable you should be things and jewelry.
    8. Things should be appropriate for a given situation.
    9. No need to be smart all the time. Modesty may also look more than stylish.
    10. Form a base for your wardrobe, which you will then supplement with interesting elements,creating a stylish, elegant look.

    How to learn to combine things?

    All elements of the image should be combined by:

    • Color. If you are not a professional, it is better not to combine more than three colors in a set of clothes at the same time. Remember that the universal colors that combine all other colors, without exception, are: black, white, gray, light beige. If you want to wear a bright thing, then pick up the clothes of one or two more restrained tones for it so that the outfit is not too colorful.
    • Style It is quite acceptable to combine with each other different styles in clothing. However, it can be done beautifully, competently, by either an experienced fashionista or a professional stylist. If you are a beginner, it is better to stick to one of some kind of line.

    As already noted, it will be much easier to create an image from a key base and additional things.

    What you need to have in the closet?

    Things for a woman

    • Little black dress.
    • Classic trench black, beige or khaki.
    • Double-breasted beige coat.
    • Cardigan or cardigan black / beige / gray tones.
    • T-shirt with sleeves.
    • White blouse (a la classic men's shirt).
    • Pantsuit.
    • Jeans in dark blue.
    • Sheath dress in black or gray.
    • Evening dress (better laconic in style and decor, so that you can change the image, each time adding new accessories).
    • Pencil skirt.
    • Flesh-colored or black-heeled shoes.
    • Sandals.
    • Ballet shoes.
    • Sneakers
    • Small clutch.
    • Bag of medium size on a long strap or chain (so that you can broadcast, if necessary, through the shoulder).
    • Large bag with two handles.
    • Pashmina and shawl-square.
    • Clock.
    • Sunglasses (Aviator shape fits most face types).

    Things for men

    • Jeans: dark blue, summer (light blue, let's say).
    • Costume. There should be at least 2-3 of them, and one of them should be designed for the main entrance. With regard to colors, it is better to choose black, gray, dark blue, dark brown.
    • Blazer. You will need it to create a casual look. It will look great with jeans. With regard to colors, everything is the same as with the costumes.
    • Cardigan. It can be worn with trousers and jeans. Give preference to a single-color product from a dense jersey of black, gray, dark blue colors.
    • Pullover with V-neck.It is worn with shirts or T-shirts both with and without a jacket. Knitwear should not be too thin, otherwise all the contours of the shirt will be visible.
    • Shirts In the arsenal of a business person working in an office, there should be at least 5 of them for every day. One of them should be white - this is a classic of the genre. Monochromatic models without a pattern, as well as plaid and striped shirts are also suitable for work.
    • Polo. They can be worn on walks with friends, as well as to work on a day free from the severity of the dress code (usually Friday). Buy one polo one with long and short sleeves.
    • Pants that would be appropriate to wear to work on the same Friday or just in free time. Buy one or two pairs, for example, black and brown tones.
    • Tie. Their number will be determined by the color scheme of the shirts, and the tie should be darker than the shirt. If the shirts are plain, then the tie can be taken with an unobtrusive pattern, and vice versa.
    • Classic shoes. For example, black oxfords and monks brown.
    • Loafers They are worn with jeans.
    • Classic coat.
    • Jacket.
    • Sunglasses.
    • Clock.

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