• How to love a dog?

    Lyubov Polishchuk
    Lyubov Polishchuk
    March 20, 2013
    How to love a dog?

    The friendship of a man with a dog has lined up for centuries in the expression of love and care. Now, probably, you will not meet a family in which there is no or once there was no dog. This is especially true for residents of private sectors. There, sometimes, two dogs live in a family! And if you can safely say: my favorite animal is a dog, it means that you are definitely ready to become a good owner, who will love his pet without any conventions, love just for the fact that he has this animal.

    How to love a dog correctly

    • First of all, if you really love your dog, then you must reckon with the fact that the dog is an animal that must live in a flock. Do not exaggerate her mental abilities and try to "humanize." The dog in its behavior initially guided only by instincts. In order to properly contact with the animal and to establish relations with it, be sure to study the specialized literature, which describes the hierarchical relations in packs, as well as how to understand the language of dogs in terms of appearance and behavior.
    • To feed a pet with various delicacies does not mean to love a dog.Smoked meat or food from the family's common table, generously seasoned with spices, can in the short term undermine the health of your dog, disrupt the functioning of the liver and stomach, and lower the sense of smell. Such violations can provoke and abundant intake of vitamin preparations. The owners sometimes just feed them their animal, pursuing good intentions to improve immunity, and as a result, everything turns out the opposite.
    • Even the number of walks during the day is a determining factor for a dog’s health. With frequent walking of the dog during the daytime, her urinary will not be trained to hold large amounts of urine, which in turn will cause suffering to the animal if the number of runs is sharply reduced during the day.
    • To be engaged in raising a dog is the duty of a loving owner. Many unpleasant situations can arise if the animal does not know how to carry out at least elementary commands. For example, quite badly may end up walking in a busy city street or park. Do not be afraid to show severity and strength in relation to the animal, if the manifestation of humanity can cost the dog life.You do not want your dog to be hit by a car from the inability to adequately perceive the conditions of urban life, in which vehicles are simply teeming.
    • And most importantly - in the eyes of your dog you must be the leader. If you constantly demonstrate your submission to the dog, and this is how it perceives situations when you give up your place to it or feed before you eat it yourself, then the dog will simply have to enter into conflict with you in order to determine the dominant person in the house. Therefore, you should not bring the situation to such attacks on the psyche of your pet.

    Follow all the above recommendations, and then you can proudly say: I love dogs very much!

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