• How to make 3D glasses?

    3D-films have become so popular and interesting that you want to watch them not only in the cinema, but also at home. And for this you need a large screen to make it more spectacular, and of course, special 3D glasses. Where to get these glasses? You can buy, and you can do it yourself for free or literally for a penny.

    Those who do not want to spend their money and want to get points as soon as possible, we will tell you how to make 3D glasses. There is nothing difficult in this, and you need just a few minutes. Let's start!

    What you need for 3D glasses

    1. Old unnecessary plastic-rimmed sunglasses. If not, buy the cheapest. Their main quality is wearing comfort.
    2. Transparent dense plastic. Need such as, for example, from the badge.
    3. Two markers - red and blue.
    4. Good scissors.

    Instructions - how to make 3D glasses

    1. Take the sunglasses and gently remove both lenses from them.
    2. Each lens is applied to the plastic and in its shape we cut the lens out of plastic.
    3. Take the blue marker and paint the plastic lens properly for the right eye. After that with a red marker we paint over the lens intended for the left eye. The main thing is not to confuse anything, otherwise the 3D effect will not work!
    4. Gently fasten the new lenses to the right places.

    Before you - ready-made 3D-glasses! Of course, they are not as cool as those distributed in cinemas, but they also give the desired effect. Perhaps, at first it will be inconvenient and unusual for you to look through them. Over time, you will get used to it and be able to not only watch 3D movies in such glasses, but also surf the Internet, which can be very interesting in 3D glasses.

    The effect of 3D glasses

    What is so special about these glasses? After all, they look very simple, the only difference from the ordinary ones is the presence of a red and blue lens. Let's try to figure it out.

    Stereoscopy is to blame for the three-dimensional image we see. Stereoscopy is any technical means that can record information in three-dimensional form or create depth in an image. A stereo image is an image or video that uses two images superimposed on each other. So, the well-known Avatar film can be called a stereo image.

    Why do you need special glasses to watch 3D movies? The fact is that each of the lenses in 3D glasses is a kind of filter through which only one of the images enters the eye of the beholder. One lens takes one image, the other takes another.The brain works so that the resulting images are connected, and the person gets a solid three-dimensional image. To adapt to the correct perception of a 3D movie, a person needs only 30 seconds. If you wear these glasses for a long time, then for some time the perception of colors may be disturbed.

    The perception of the film does not change if the person turns his head in every way. And if you watch three-dimensional movies without special glasses, the image will be fuzzy, slightly vague.

    In addition to 3D movies, you can find a large number of 3D images on the Internet. Most often these are macro photographs or specially modified photos for a three-dimensional system.

    In general, watching three-dimensional films and studying three-dimensional images is really interesting. And how to achieve the 3D effect, you already know!

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