• How to make a bat?

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    How to make a bat?

    Many baseball fans know that buying a brand bat in the store is quite expensive. Therefore, as an option, you can make a bat with your own hands. However, this requires not only skill, but also an understanding of how a beat is made. Therefore, in this article we will look at how you can make a bat at home, what you will need and give instructions for making the bits.

    Making a bat at home

    There are two basic types of bits: aluminum and wooden bits. In this article we will look at how you can make a wooden bat with your own hands. In manufacturing, it is considered simpler than aluminum and, at the same time, more durable, since aluminum, as a plastic material, is able to bend under the influence of impacts.

    First you need to prepare a wooden bar, and it is recommended to use a bar made of white ash, maple, oak or walnut. Of course, of these breeds it is easiest to find an oak, although its value can be quite high. So before you buy a billet, evaluate all possible options at a cost.

    From the tools you will need:

    • Circular saw;
    • Chisel;
    • Measuring tape;
    • Sandpaper.

    If you have this opportunity, you can use a lathe.


    1. First you will have to decide on the size.
    2. Consider your arm length and baseball bat skills. Once you are determined with the size, use a circular saw to give the bar an appropriate shape.
    3. It is recommended to use a lathe, for example, part of the work can be given into the hands of professionals. This way you canbatsave time on making bits and at the same time make it high quality. After being shaped, start working with a chisel. It is advisable to secure while your workpiece. So you can grind the bit completely.
    4. Special attention should be paid to the handle. The formed bit should have a narrow tip on one side, it will need to measure 5 cm from it. This will be the handle of your bit.
    5. After you form the grip, use sandpaper or a sander, if you have one. Start sanding the wood so that you can polish your bat.If you use a grinding machine, then try to work more carefully, since it is likely that you can overdo it and give the bit an irregular shape.
    6. Finally, upon completion of the work, you can use varnish to make your bat look nicer. To do this, you can use the usual olive. Take a sponge for washing dishes and wrap it in a capron stocking. Dip in the olive and smoothly apply bits to the surface. Why apply a second layer and allow the bit to dry.

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