• How to make a beautiful garland with your own hands?

    So, the preparation for the New Year holidays is in full swing, delicacies are actively purchased for the holiday table, everyone is running around looking for the best gifts, decorating the house and, of course, the New Year's beauty tree.

    One of the most important and popular decorations for the New Year is, of course, garlands, so how without them? True, the purchased ones sometimes get bored or trite there is no desire to spend money on expensive jewelery, and the soul still requires something new and festive.

    In this case, combine business with pleasure - make a Christmas garland with your own hands! There is nothing difficult in it, on the contrary, it is a very interesting and fascinating process that will easily please all households!

    How to do something like that? It’s very simple, especially for this, we decided to share with you the most fascinating and uncomplicated ideas, most of which even young children can cope with, naturally, under the supervision of adults.You will be surprised how much you can do with your own hands from simple scrap materials, and the result of your work will surely impress you! By the way, such garlands can decorate not only the New Year's beautiful fir-tree, but the whole house, you just need to show imagination.

    Paper garland

    Perhaps the simplest and most popular Christmas garlands that can be made at home even with the involvement of a child are paper garlands. For these purposes, it can be used the most diverse, ranging from ordinary colored sheets, ending with openwork napkins and multi-colored adhesive tapes.

    Such decorations are even made in kindergartens and junior classes, so anyone can handle them. So, you need paper, scissors and glue. Sheets of paper are cut into equal width strips (to make it easier, divide the paper with a ruler and pencil in advance).

    The cut strips are glued together in one common garland according to the principle of a conventional chain, which consists of links. To get something more original, try to play with the form of links: make them square or even voluminous, although it will be a little more difficult.It can be made even simpler: colored paper is cut into thin strips, and then they need to be sewn centrally with each other, usually a machine is used for these purposes, but it can also be done manually.

    The strips can be replaced by circles, triangles, or any other shapes that come to your mind. By the way, instead of paper you can use bright felt, such products will be more durable. Such decorations, by the way, look very impressive in the door or window openings in an upright position.

    Garlands of Snowflakes

    One of the main symbols of the New Year is, of course, snowflakes. So why not use them to decorate your own home? Probably, each of us remembers from childhood, how you can cut beautiful and delicate snowflakes. The more cuts - the more subtle the snowflake will turn out, by the way, especially for this you can find a whole variety of schemes on the Internet that will help you to make many diverse figures.

    Further each snowflake is connected with the help of a usual thread or a silvery rain, and then we hang it to the ceiling. By the way, such decorations will look more beautiful if there are a lot of them, so it is better to make 5-10 such garlands, depending on the purpose and place of use.

    Garlands of natural materials

    Why throw out a tangerine or orange peel, if they can be easily used as an improvised material? We cut out nice figures from the peel, for example, hearts, stars, faces, snowmen and so on.

    Then, using a needle, we string them onto a thread and our decoration is ready! By the way, it will not only transform your home, but also spread a pleasant citrus scent through it. Instead of peel, you can use apples and ordinary fir cones, sometimes they are dyed in some extraordinary color, or simply in natural form are put on a thread.

    Funny birochki

    Such "tags" are usually made of thick cardboard, the more there are, the better. Each thread can be arranged in a special way, for example, write New Year wishes, indicate what year you meet, stick photos or draw thematic drawings, the names of relatives and close people.

    Do not forget to observe the New Year theme everywhere: somewhere a snowflake was added, somewhere an image of a decorated Christmas tree or Santa Claus, everything is in the power of your imagination! Such beautiful tags will only collect on the tape and hang around the house.


    A very common decoration of a house abroad, where the symbol of the New Year is Santa Claus. How do you like this little idea: in the middle of the room on the usual clothesline hanging holiday outfits of Santa and his assistants: colorful socks, mittens, red caps, boots with bells and so on. Of course, for this you will have to work hard and sew miniature clothes, preferably, to make them in traditional New Year colors - red, gold, white and green.

    As a rope, it is better to use a nice ribbon, and look for special small clothespins, you can always find them in stores. If you didn’t have sewing, you can always find Santa's socks.

    Such a Christmas garland also performs a special task: on a festive night, gifts from Santa must appear in little socks! As you have already noticed, there are a lot of ideas, most importantly, to connect the desire to create and, of course, your imagination, which will help you create the most unusual and unique New Year's garlands!

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