• How to make a bench?

    If you want to seriously engage in sports and develop muscles, it is not necessary to go to the nearest gym for this - you can also equip a room in your own apartment. Of course, this will require a bench bench, but with a drawing and some skills (which, of course, are easily acquired), we will be able to prepare materials and assemble this product quickly and efficiently. In the article I will give you a drawing of a bench for a bench press and tell you how to assemble it according to this drawing, and then we will talk about how this simulator will work.

    Bench for the press do it yourself: materials

    To begin, let's take a simulator that can be disassembled into 5 parts: a bench, a bed, a rack, a steel pipe and a lever for the legs. For example, like this:

    Steel pipe we need to fix the bench on the racks. These parts can be easily transferred, as separately they are very compact. From the materials we need pipes, angles, as well as nuts and bolts for connections. I will talk about the assembly process, guided by these drawings:

    Therefore, if something suddenly will not be clear, refer to the pictures.The dimensions of the bench for the bench, made according to these drawings, will allow to use it, practically, in any room.

    How to make a bench: assembly of the product

    To begin, set the frame to its normal position and turn the crossmember, which is fixed on the left column, at a right angle - by 90 degrees. Now raise the right side of the frame and move the upper crossbar of the racks under it. Thus, the vertical bolts B1 and B2 must enter into the corresponding holes, marked on the diagram as A1 and A2.

    Then we press the lower crossbar of the pillars to the right column of the bed, more precisely - to its lower part, so that the bolt B3 gets into the hole A3 located on the crossbar, and we tighten this bolt with a nut (with a handle). Now the racks will not turn in a vertical plane and bend, and the frame will not rise relative to the racks.

    Well, it's time to put a bench on the bed. Do this so that the holes indicated on the drawing, like A4 and A5, coincide with the hole A6, which is located in the upper part of the frame. Once this is achieved, slide a metal rod through the holes to secure the position of the bench. However, this is not all.

    How to make a bench for the press: continued

    Raise the bench (more precisely, its right side) and move a steel pipe prepared in advance to it, which should lie at the corners, indicated in the diagram, as У1 and У2. This design allows you to make it extremely reliable without any additional fasteners.

    Now you need to attach the lever to the frame with a bolt. The bolt must pass through the holes A8 and A9, located in the frame (in its left part), and through the hole in the lever, indicated on the drawings as A7. As a result, we got a unique design that can be assembled and disassembled within a minute or two without any tools. The lever is securely fastened with only one bolt - and even without a nut, the bench is fixed with the help of a rod, and the posts are fixed with only one nut with a handle.

    Advantages of homemade bench bench

    You can fasten this design both in horizontal and in inclined position, and, as can be seen on the drawings, such a simulator provides the ability to select several operating modes for the rod, so you can perform a large number of exercises.Also the most functionally solved the issue with the storage and ease of operation of this simulator. Disassembled it takes almost no place, but it is assembled and disassembled in a matter of minutes.

    In addition, due to the fact that there is a lever for flexion / extension of the legs, we can talk about this design not just as a bench for the press, but also as a full-fledged simulator. And if you compare how much such a simulator is in the store, then, as they say, “the game is worth the candle”, all the more, it’s far from the fact that the expensive store version will be better than ours. It remains to wish you successful lessons, and this time-tested and very reliable design will provide you with maximum support.

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