• How to make a blue bridal bouquet?

    A bridal bouquet is a very important wedding accessory. And if you want it to be bright and original, make it in blue.

    Who is suitable?

    Blue is a bright and saturated color that does not suit everyone. He can choose a confident and courageous bride who knows her worth. Such a bouquet will attract the eyes, so a modest and timid girl may not feel very comfortable with him.

    What means?

    Although blue can not be called a romantic and delicate color, it is just the right way for such a celebration as a wedding. This connotation symbolizes nobility, tranquility, calmness, honesty, and devotion. So it is believed that the bride who chooses the blue bouquet, will ensure a calm, happy and long family life and mutual understanding with the spouse.

    What dress will be combined?

    Such a bold color as blue will be combined with an equally bright and stylish dress. It is better to forget about ball models with lush hem, as they require more delicate and classic accessories. You can choose an elegant fitting dress.Ideal option will be a model of "mermaid" or "fish". It will be interesting to look and asymmetrical hem.

    How can he be?

    How to make a blue bridal bridal bouquet? To make it beautiful and original, you need to take into account several important points.

    Choice of colors

    Blue flowers - not uncommon, in their nature they are found a lot. But which ones to choose?

    The most successful options:

    • Orchids not only symbolize prosperity and family well-being, but also are incredibly feminine, bright and at the same time delicate flowers. And they will make the bride and everyone around happy with the amazing fragrance.
    • Hydrangeas. This flowers will make the bouquet bright and voluminous, as well as prolong its service life due to its resistance to temperature extremes.
    • Blue roses are a rarity and a real luxury. But in nature they are not found, but are born thanks to the efforts of florists and the use of blue paint. And this is what can lead to embarrassment. For example, the paint can stain the bride's dress.
    • Irises are delicate and at the same time unusual and bright flowers, symbolizing hope and trust and having a subtle scent.
    • Lysanthus (eustoma) remotely resembles a rose and looks no less elegant.
    • Anemones can be a bright accent image.

    Successful combinations

    In general, blue flowers do not necessarily complement others, they will be bright and interesting. But if you want to dilute such a vivid shade, you can use other, lighter and more tender.

    Interesting ideas:

    • Blue and white. This combination looks bright and elegant at the same time. White will not only calm the rampage of blue a little, but will also favorably emphasize its unusualness.
    • Blue and yellow. Such a bouquet will definitely be in the center of attention, especially if you choose bright shades. And having chosen the pale yellow one, you can give the bouquet a little tenderness and make it more calm.
    • Blue and soft blue. Although these colors belong to the same range, but together they will create a good and bright tandem. And the more pronounced the contrast, the more interesting the bouquet will look.
    • Blue and beige. This is a very gentle and relatively calm combination that will make the image of the bride romantic, but interesting.
    • Blue, pink and white. If blue and pink will not be combined, white will dilute these shades and play the role of a certain border between them.
    • Red and blue. This option is suitable only for the most courageous brides.

    When combining flowers with each other, remember that simple ones (for example, field or garden ones) are best combined with the same ones. And for the more unusual better pick exotic.

    Many florists use greenery to create bouquets. If you decide to follow this bouquet, then do not choose too branchy and bright greens, it can overshadow the blue flowers. It is better to use several elongated arrows. In addition, in this case, it is desirable to dilute the blue flowers with white or beige.


    Decorate a beautiful bridal blue bouquet can be satin white or blue ribbon. She can tie up the stems. If you choose a blue ribbon, then a bouquet of flowers must be in a different shade. Beads will look gentle, especially pearls. You can also use white lace or white tulle. Shining and too bright or voluminous decorative elements should be abandoned.

    Combination with accessories

    A blue bouquet is worth “reinforce” and supplement with other wedding accessories of the same shade. You can choose a blue boutonniere for the groom, a blue ring cushion, ribbons for the newlyweds glasses, bracelets for the bridesmaids and so on.In addition, in such a bold color can be decorated and elements of decoration: for example, decorations for walls (balls, ribbons, flowers), napkins or even dishes for guests.

    Helpful Tips

    Some recommendations for creating the perfect bouquet with your own hands:

    • You should not combine blue with other rich and unusual hues, the bouquet may turn out to be too motley, and all the saturation and depth of blue will be lost.
    • Blue color visually reduces flowers, so if you want to focus on them, choose large specimens.
    • Make a bouquet of flowers with small stems, as their green shade can make the main blue color pale, and the whole bouquet is inharmonious. It is desirable to shorten the stems to a minimum.
    • Before you make a bouquet, look at the photo to choose what you like.
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