• How to make a book with your own hands?

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    How to make a book with your own hands?

    If you want to surprise your loved ones and friends with original ones, present them a hand-made book. It is quite simple to make it, and it will be superior to other gifts, as it will be made with love. If you do not know how to make a book with your own hands, take into account our recommendations.

    Book creation

    In order to make a book with your own hands, you need to prepare the following materials:

    • paper for sheets of the necessary size and color;
    • threads;
    • needle;
    • glue;
    • cardboard for the cover;
    • cover fabric or paper;
    • scissors;
    • decorative elements (optional).

    Types of sheet fastening

    Before you start creating a book, you need to decide how the sheets will be attached to the cover. There are the following types of mounts:

    • spring mount. To do this, in the prepared pages of the book and the cover, make a hole punch hole and fix the book with a spring;
    • thread mount. This method is quite simple.It involves the sequential stitching of the pages of the book. To do this, fold the sheets of paper in half and mark the stitching points. It is worth noting that the holes for the needle can be made with an awl on each piece of paper, and you can do everything at once by folding the pages into a pile;
    • adhesive bonding. In this case, you need to carefully glue all the pages together, and then paste them to the cover.

    It should be noted that spring and thread fastening is more reliable than glue. But the choice depends on the type of product and prepared design.

    Additional options for creating a binding can be found here. How to make a binding.

    Creating a cover

    Having decided on the type of page attachment, you can start creating the cover.BookIf you choose a filament or adhesive bond, the cover will be a single sheet of cardboard, and if spring, you need to prepare two sheets of cardboard of the same size. Consider the option of connecting the book without using a spring.

    Cover decoration

    After you prepare the cardboard cover, you can begin to decorate it.

    1. Cut a piece of fabric or paper, which will be 1 cm more than the prepared cardboard cover (this is allowances).
    2. Then glue the edges of the workpiece from p.1 to the cardboard, the protruding edges are glued to the inside of the cover. Corners must be pre-cut.

    Book assembly

    1. After the cover dries out, you should start fixing the sheets. To do this, cut a rectangular strip of paper and glue it to the spine of the book in the middle, while you should have free edges of the retainer (rectangular sheet of paper). Apply glue to the edges and glue to the base of the book. It is worth noting that the book's spine is notBookshould be glued to the cover.
    2. Decorate bookend. To do this, cut paper rectangles of the required size and carefully glue to the cover and the first sheet of the book on both sides.

    Another option for creating a book with your own hands is located in the article How to make a book.

    Miniature book

    If you want to create a small book for secrets, then you can come up with an interesting book - a mini, which can be any size. It is made also, as well as the usual book, only work is necessary jeweler, as the sizes of the book can be absolutely small.

    If you want to create a mini - book, then information about this can be found in the article How to make a book from paper, which contains detailed instructions.

    Book - Postcard

    If you want to make an original gift for family or friends, you can make a book postcard. Make it pretty simple. To do this, prepare:Book

    • cardboard or scrapbooking paper;
    • pencil;
    • compass;
    • scissors;
    • ribbons;
    • decorative elements;
    • glue.

    Making a book - postcards

    1. Draw on paper a circle of the desired size with a compass and cut it.
    2. We divide the resulting figure into 4 equal parts, starting from the center.
    3. We divide one of the sectors into two parts, and the neighboring one into 5 parts, while cutting out 4 parts out of five.
    4. Bend the shape along the marked lines.
    5. Glue the remaining narrow part with the next wide.
    6. After that, we decorate the card with ribbons - strings or drawings and pictures at will.

    Now your book - the card is ready and you can give it. It should be noted that this book can be of any size, it all depends on your desire and imagination.

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