• How to make a carriage?

    You can make a toy carriage from different materials. But perhaps the most pliable of them is cardboard. Learn how to make a carriage with your own hands. For its manufacture will need the following materials:

    • Cardboard
    • Colored paper
    • Plywood
    • 2 spools of thread
    • PVA glue
    • Crochet hooks

    From the tools should be prepared:

    • sharp blade
    • Scissors
    • Ruler
    • Jigsaw with saws

    So, before starting work on the carriage, let's follow the link and examine the scheme: http://ge.tt/1kNG7yc/v/0. Now that you already have an idea of ​​how to make a carriage, let's consider step-by-step instructions. Let's start with the interior decoration.

    The interior of the carriage

    • The details shown in the figure should be enlarged, printed on paper and cut out.
    • After that, the contours of the side walls of the carriage and two parts of the frame must be transferred to the cardboard and also neatly cut. Special care should be taken when cutting out the doorway and the openings of windows.
    • Then you need to paste over the side walls of the carriage from the inside. To do this, take velvet or plain colored paper,transfer to it the contour of the walls and cut the details.
    • Then, using PVA glue, you need to glue the inner and outer walls of the carriage.
    • Now we make the ceiling and floor. For the ceiling, a rectangle having a size of 105 x 170 mm should be cut out of cardboard and pasted over with colored paper. After that, a floor is cut out of the cardboard, 85 x 105 mm in size.
    • You also need to cut 2 seats out of cardboard, paste them with velvet or colored paper and bend them along the lines shown in the diagram. Now the seats can be glued to the sides and the floor. Next, the shelves are glued in and the foot pad is glued to the floor.

    Outer side of the carriage

    • Outside your carriage should be given individuality. For this you need to paint it with paints or paste it with colored paper.
    • Then it is necessary to make so that the door in the carriage could open. To do this, a piece of cardboard, the dimensions of which correspond to the doorway, needs to be fixed on the spoke, and then glue this needle with paper pieces to the wall of the opening. The door is ready. It remains only to paste over it with bright paper or draw a coat of arms on it.
    • Now it should be cut out of plywood two parts of the frame, which will be attached to the bottom of the carriage at a distance of about 10 mm from the edge.
    • To the back of the crew need to glue the platform for the chest, and to the front - stand under your feet.

    Wheels for carriage

    Now you know how to make a carriage from cardboard, there is the last stage, which consists in the manufacture of wheels.

    • To do this, take two wooden spools of thread and cut them across. Thus, there should be 4 identical parts, which will serve as wheels for the carriage.
    • Then, two needles should be glued to the bottom of the crew with thin pieces of paper: one at the front of the carriage and the second at the rear.

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