• How to make a chest?

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    How to make a chest?

    It is no secret that people who have the inclination and talent for manual labor, are able to assemble furniture on their own or to make a lot of various handicrafts. The most talented designers can even build a house with their own hands! But the one without which none of them can cope is the instruction. Our article offers detailed instructions and tips on how to make a chest.

    Chest do it yourself!

    Before proceeding to the recommendations, we note that the design features of the chests may vary. We take as a basis the classic shape of the chest, to end up with a spacious wooden box. Here is what you need to do:

    • First you need to decide on the size of the future chest. To do this, you need to understand where you want to put it, successfully entered into the interior of the room. After determining the location, approximately estimate the size: height, length and width.
    • Make a drawing of the future product, where its dimensions will be marked. The drawing should be as clear as you can use it in the design.
    • Careful attention should be paid to the preparation of lumber. If the house has a strong rectangular box of good wood, then asDo-It-Yourself Chestbasics can use it. If not, then a 16 mm thick chipboard is best.
    • Approximate dimensions: chest walls (front and rear) - 250 mm by 840 mm, (side) - 250 mm by 360 mm; the bottom of the chest - 360 mm by 810 mm; the cover is 412 mm by 862 mm.
    • In addition, you need to think about support for the bottom. It can be made of wooden bars 15 mm by 15 mm. The length will be 810 mm (2 pcs.), And the width of 330 mm (2 pcs.);
    • Do not forget also that the cover of the chest should be easy to open. After all, a chest made by hand should be functional. As a result, the rail for fasteners should get this size - 15 mm by 33 mm by 686 mm.

    The stages of assembly of the chest:

    The wooden chest is assembled according to the following algorithm:

    1. Screw the support for the bottom to all four walls of the chest. They should be flush with the lower edges of the sides. Subsequently, it will serve to install the bottom of the chest.
    2. Now you need to connect all the walls of the box. This can be done with screws. Pre-need to drill the necessary holes in each of the walls.
    3. It is time to attach the bottom to the product.To do this, we put a chipboard sheet in the wall and fasten it to the supports made in advance. For fixing use screws.
    4. Decide on the wall, which will be the back. It is necessary to attach the mounting rail. Recall that this design elementHomemade chestshould be on the outside of the chest, but not inside. For fixing use glue on a tree. For fidelity, many craftsmen use three screws on the inside of the chest, preventing rapid wear of this structural element. Now you need to wait until the glue dries. After that we need a piano loop. On it the cover of our chest will fasten.
    5. Screw the lid of the chest to the piano loop. For additional durability of the cover, some craftsmen use telescopic brackets. However, this is not always justified, because, as a rule, put the chest against the wall. Accordingly, its cover can be leaned against the wall. The bracket is attached with bolts to the cover and the walls of the chest. You can use just one bracket instead of two.

    Chest decor

    Homemade ChestWe suggest using small wooden rhombuses as decorative elements.Before installing on the chest, they can be sanded, polished and varnished. One diamond is made of four small thin bars, which are interconnected by hot melt. Do not forget about the ratio of the size and number of these decorative items. Three lacquered wooden diamond on the right and left side of the chest will be enough.

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