• How to make a lift coup?

    Kira Dobrovolskaya
    Kira Dobrovolskaya
    February 19, 2013
    How to make a lift coup?

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    How to make a lift coup?

    Lifting with a coup is a popular exercise in physical education classes, in the army, and it is also a basic exercise in gymnastics. Now we will tell you how to lift the coup.

    Technique of lifting with a coup

    Lifting a coup consists of the following sequence. First, just pull up (do not forget that the hands during pull-ups should be shoulder-width apart). When we pulled up to the maximum height, we threw our legs upwards with the subsequent successive coup (ideally, we pull up and throw our legs at the same time). Beginners or those who can not do the exercise, usually at the beginning do lightweight liftings with coups. After all, it will be easier to catch up to half and immediately carry out a coup (this variant of the exercise is considered to be not quite correct, therefore, it is most often done by beginners). At the same time, it is advisable to start lifting the legs as soon as you bend your elbows.Also, the exercise can be complicated in various ways, for example, first pull up, and then throw the legs, or an even more difficult option - first throw the legs up, pull up, and then turn over.

    The preliminary version is considered a classic, but lifting with a coup can be done in the style of a feather. The difference from the previous version is that when you perform a coup, you can not touch the fingerboard. This option is much more difficult to perform.

    It is better to see once how to learn how to make a lift with a coup than read a hundred times about it. We offer to watch the video tutorial located on this page.

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