• How to make a draw house? He has been pinned up for many years, there is no mention of the owners. Where to go?

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    Answered on November 26, 2014 17:47
    Contact your local administration. It is full of all departments. there is one that manages the housing stock in your territory. They will have to check the information about this residential object (or non-residential))), as in your case. If everything is right, the house is abandoned, taxes are not paid, then it will be beneficial for them to issue it into their property and give you as an apartment, which you can later privatize. At least before it was. I personally have this experience, only sad in my case. Having looked at the ownerless house, I turned to the administration, they refused me under a specious excuse, and then I learned that the house was quickly issued by an employee of the same office where I was applying.It seems he liked her. It would be nice in your case all the administration staff were already provided with housing, and their relatives and friends too.

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