• How to make a fortune teller out of paper?

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    How to make a fortune teller out of paper?

    Paper "fortune teller" - an interesting hobby of teenagers. This is an indispensable thing, with the help of which you can look into the future, tell fortunes to the boys or get an answer to current questions. From our article you will learn how to make a fortune teller out of paper with your own hands.

    We make a fortune teller

    All you need for work is 10 minutes of time, a sheet of paper, scissors and colored pencils or felt-tip pens.

    1. Fold one of the corners of the sheet of paper to the opposite side and cut the resulting triangle. We expand the sheet of paper and get a square.
    2. Bend the sheet of paper in half. Expand.
    3. We rotate the square by 90 degrees and bend it in half. Deploy again. Our square is now divided into 4 small squares.
    4. Alternately, bend all the corners of a large square to the center.
    5. Formed square turn over to the other side and repeat the procedure.
    6. We turn the workpiece and insert the fingers into the pockets. Along the fold lines, she will fold into a fortune teller.
    7. In order to use the fortune teller, you need to do the following. On each of the pockets from the outside we draw a figure of different colors, for example, hearts, mugs or diamonds.Paper fortune teller
    8. We open the fortuneteller and on the triangles set the numbers from 1 to 8. All of them should be oriented to the edge of the workpiece. If we count from the upper left corner, then the numbers are arranged in the following order clockwise: 4, 3, 7, 6, 2, 1, 5, 8.
    9. Fold back the triangles with numbers and write on their back side answers to questions. Variants of answers can be any, but usually use “yes”, “no”, “probably”, “ask later”, “depends on you”, “unlikely”, “soon”, “not soon”.
    10. Again we put the fortune teller, put it on the fingers and begin divination. For example, we ask: What will the weather be like tomorrow? and call the color of the figure and the number from 1 to 8. The figure shows how many times it is necessary to open and close the fortuneteller. For example, you said 3, which means that the fortuneteller needs to be opened and closed 3 times. Then we expand the triangle where the figure of the color we need is drawn and we read the answer.

    Fortune teller you easily surprise your friends and you can have fun with them.All good things will come true. The main thing is to make a fortune teller out of paper with a good mood.

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