• How to make a frame for drywall?

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    How to make a frame for drywall?

    Drywall is convenient, durable, and in some cases real salvation: levels the ceiling, walls, serves to organize the decor. Experts can easily cope with the installation, but an ignorant person, not without instructions. We will tell you how to make a frame for drywall.

    How to make a frame

    Keep in mind that all frames are recommended to be placed not close to the wall, but at some distance. This will provide a perfectly flat surface. Structures are mounted on special direct suspensions. To begin, let's proceed to the markup profiles. Describing how to make a frame for drywall, we draw your attention to the fact that this is probably the most difficult and crucial stage of work:

    • Let us draw the first parallel straight line on the floor by the wall - here the boundary of the future wall will pass. Keep in mind that this indent should occupy a minimum of space in order to save centimeters of living space and preserve ease of installation.However, the distance should also take into account the possibility of communication under the future structure. So, when calculating, consider the following factors: the curvature of the wall, the thickness of the profile used, the thickness of the drywall sheet plus - a small margin for hidden communications (if they are planned to be “wall-mounted” conduction).
    • Draw on the floor the second line. This is the location of the metal frame on its front side. To do this, we deviate from the first line to the wall a distance equal to the thickness of the sheet of used gypsum panels.
    • Both lines should appear on the ceiling. To ensure the accuracy of the calculations, we project them with the help of a construction plummet. To do this as much as we lower it to the line. At the same time, the center of the plumb line should be on the existing line. So on the ceiling it will be possible to mark several reference points, which later will be connected in a straight line.
    • We begin the installation of the frame for drywall. Making fastening guide profile. First fix to the floor, and then to the ceiling. To do this, attach the profile to the surface strictly along the drawn line, which indicates the location of the frame.
    • With the help of ordinary nails fasten the first dowel. Subsequent must be located strictly on the line at a distance of no more than a meter. Project the same actions on the ceiling.
    • We proceed to the installation of suspensions necessary for fixing the profile vertically. To do this, we determine in advance the place of fixation. The profile must be set so that there is a distance between the center of the profiles, equal to the width of 1200 mm.
    • When the profile locations are established, we begin fixing direct suspensions: we attach them to the walls using a dowel nails. In this case, all suspensions should be placed vertically along the line on which the profile will be fixed. The distance between the suspensions is no more than half a meter.
    • The preparatory work is completed. We begin the installation of the profile. To do this, cut it to the length of the height of the room or less by 5 millimeters. Such size is convenient at installation.
    • The drywall profile will be ready soon. To complete the process, we install profiles into cavities prepared on the floor and ceiling. Be sure to monitor work with a plumb or construction level. This will provide a perfectly vertical installation.Fastening occurs with the help of screws with a press washer.
    • By the same principle, we fasten the profile elements vertically. Those suspensions that will protrude beyond the front plane of the frame, bend inward.
    • To ensure structural rigidity, place jumpers from the remaining profile in the horizontal joints. Mount these racks right in the middle of the sheet.
    • Ideally, even during the assembly period of the frame you will know exactly where it is planned to hang certain objects on the wall. Then new suspensions can be installed directly in the places of their mounting.

    Congratulations! The frame is successfully installed. For a more detailed study of how to make a frame for drywall, video on this topic on the Internet is attached.

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