• How to make a frame in Photoshop?

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    How to make a frame in Photoshop?

    In order to decorate a photo or give it a more decent, professional look, you can draw a frame. The frame is best done in the famous graphic editor - Photoshop.

    From our article you will learn several ways to make a frame in Photoshop.

    Make a simple photo frame.

    Even a simple frame in your photo can look interesting and make the photo complete. Having opened the image in Photoshop (Photoshop), it is necessary to select it: for this purpose press Ctrl + A, the dotted frame should appear. Next, go to the menu "Selection" - "Modification" - "Compress" and in the pop-up window, put the number - 10 (or more, depending on your preferences for the future frame).

    Click "Edit" - "Run a stroke", set the thickness of the contour for the stroke and its color. Then remove the selection by pressing Ctrl + D. That's it, the simplest frame in Photoshop is ready. As you can see, making a photo frame is easy.

    Jagged frame

    • Open the image, select it with Ctrl + A, then select “Selection” - “Modification” - “Compress” and set the parameter to 10 or 20. Then press Q (Quick mask).
    • Now apply the filter - you can do this by clicking "Filter" - "Strokes" - "Airbrush". Move the sliders and stop at the version that you like more. Press Q again, to exit the quick mask mode, a selection will appear on your photo.
    • Next you should invert the selection (SHIFT + CTRL + I), press CTRL + DEL (and the frame color will become the background color). Deselect - Ctrl + D. You can change the color in the toolbar at the very bottom by clicking on the second color square and selecting the one you want.

    How to make a transparent frame in Photoshop

    The transparent frame in the photos looks very beautiful, and most importantly - it is very quickly and easily done.

    1. So first let's open your photo in Photoshop. It’s easy to do: open the program, select the File - Open menu, or simply drag the left mouse button to hold the image in Photoshop.frame
    2. Next, duplicate the photo by pressing the Ctrl + J key combination twice. Make the first layer invisible by clicking on the “Eye” icon opposite the layer. Rename the layers by clicking on each left button twice (bottom to top).
    3. To layer # 1, apply the following actions: “Filter” - “Blur” - “Blur according to Gauss”.Blur the photo, but not much, by selecting the option at its discretion.
    4. Activate layer # 2 by clicking on the “Eye” icon again. Now let's change its size: press Ctrl + T, hold down the Shift + Alt button, and reduce the photo to your liking. Usually it is enough to reduce only slightly so that the frame is approximately 5 mm to 1 cm.

    Our frame is ready. But you can experiment and also make a beautiful frame in Photoshop.

    Choose in the menu “Layers” - “Layer Styles” - “Stroke”, apply a stroke effect to layer 2. If your image is small, put the slider on the number 3, if large - just move the slider before you like the effect. The color of the border also changes in the “Stroke” tab by clicking on the colored rectangle. By changing the other parameters in the “Layer Styles” you can achieve an interesting result for your photo and get a unique frame.

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