• How to make a friend in minecraft?

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    How to make a friend in minecraft?

    Each player sooner or later gets bored playing in an individual mode. It is not surprising if you want to get a friend and partner who will help you explore the vast world of Minecraft. In this article we will talk about how to make a friend in Minecraft in a single player game.

    Creating a friend in Minecraft without mods

    In order to make a friend in Minecraft, you need skeleton spawn eggs and human heads. Your client version should be 1.4.2. Before you start creating, make sure that the yard is night, otherwise the skeletons that have appeared from the eggs will immediately burn in the sun. If you urgently need to make a friend during the day, the process should take place in a room with opaque walls and a roof or a dungeon where sunlight does not penetrate. You can make a friend as follows:

    1. To begin with, dig a hole two feet deep in the surface. It is necessary that mobs do not run away.
    2. Then throw back the skeleton spawn eggs (the more the better, but don't overdo it).
    3. After that, throw in the hole of the head until the mask is put on one of the mobs. Friend is ready!

    Now a new friend will be with you to guard the boundaries of your space. In addition, it does not burn in the sun and has a large stock of health. If you throw the armor next to a friend, he will put them on and his level of stamina will rise even higher.

    Creating a friend in Minecraft using mod

    If you want to make a friend in Minecraft with a wider range of possibilities than described above, then you will have to install the Friend mod. Download here. This modification adds a friend to the game, who will explore the mines with you, fight mobs and do other work.

    If you have questions about how to make a friend in Minecraft, watch a small training video that will dispel your doubts.

    Friend Features in Minecraft

    A friend has a very high indicator of health. He also has a personal inventory with a weapon slot (that is, he can help you carry your loot). By default, it opens when you press the "U" key. By giving a friend armor and weapons, you will increase his attacking and defensive performance. Do not forget to put food in his inventory (otherwise a friend will die of starvation).Your friend will consume it as needed. Be careful in the battles, as you can cause damage to your ally and even kill him through negligence.

    Additional friend management

    With the help of commands entered into the game console, you have the opportunity to change the configuration of your friend. Here are some of them:

    • friend.name - helps to change the name of a friend;
    • friend.melee.reach - allows you to set the distance from the mob, at which your friend will get a weapon;
    • settings.respawn.timer - the time after which the friend will appear again;
    • settings.movespeed.following - allows you to change the speed with which your friend will follow you;
    • friend.name.colour - changes the shade of the name of your ally displayed above the head;
    • friend.phrase.quit - helps you choose words that a friend will say before dying;
    • settings.show.mod_welcome_message - greeting;
    • friend_maxhealth is your partner�s maximum XP.

    In this way, you can control not only your hero, but also his comrade.

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