• How to make a gift?

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    How to make a gift?

    Gift wrapping can both enhance the effect of its contents and vice versa, nullify all efforts to make a pleasant person for whom it is intended. Beautiful presentation design creates a certain mood, already preparing the person for a pleasant surprise in advance. This correct attitude contributes to the fact that the gift makes the impression on which the giver intended it. And on the contrary, if a gift chosen with love and care is wrapped up in any way, as well as in any other way, then you can spoil the most long-awaited and exciting moment - the moment of its presentation.

    So, in order to guarantee the gift object with its gift, one should not neglect its beautiful design. We will talk about packaging options and materials used for this purpose.

    Modern gift wrapping materials

    Materials for gift wrapping are used very different. Popularity enjoy:

    • Cardboard or plastic boxes of different sizes.
    • Colored paper or corrugated.gift
    • Floristic mesh.
    • Beautiful fabric.
    • Flower film etc.

    Also, gift wrapping may require satin or silk ribbon, ribbon - packing ribbons for making bows, decorative lace with tassels at the ends, shells, rhinestones, beads and other decorations, you can even use small soft toys.

    More information can be found in the article How to pack a gift.

    Gift wrapping options


    If you want to give your gift in a box, you can decorate it with beautiful wrapping paper. First, glue the outer side, leaving allowances that need to be turned inside. Then, applying paper of a different color or texture, draws up the inner surface of the box, and last of all - the bottom. Forgiftdecorating the outer part of the box you can use pearlescent paper, it will overflow in sunlight, which will create an additional effect. There are even options with a holographic pattern.

    Further decoration of the box depends on the giver’s fantasy. You can decorate it with a bow, lay out a pattern or an inscription from rhinestones, tie with a ribbon. Any of the options will be exclusive and unique, and there is no doubt that the second such packaging in the world simply does not exist.In more detail this topic is covered in our article How to decorate a box.


    Some gifts are so original and beautiful that you simply don’t want to hide them in a box. But this does not mean that such gifts should be given completely unpacked. In this case, there is another way - a transparent film (it is also used for decorating bouquets). It is easy to make a gift with a flower wrap, for this you need to perform several simple manipulations.gift

    1. The film is spread on a flat surface and a gift is placed in the center (to give the package the correct shape, the gift should be placed on a circle of cardboard, decorated with colored gift paper).
    2. The ends of the film are gathered together and tied up with a beautiful ribbon.
    3. The edges of the film are neatly trimmed.
    4. A gift packed in this way can be additionally decorated with a transparent bright fabric, bows, or even a brooch to be pinned to it.

    Beautiful fabric

    The use of fabric in its design, for example, organza, silk, lace, guipure, felt, etc., can give a unique image to a gift. A box is wrapped with clothgiftor a basket, beautifully drape the folds, complement the decor with various details: beads, rhinestones, unusual buttons.You can pin a postcard with wishes, warm words or even a declaration of love to the fabric. In the folds of matter it is easy to hide additional souvenirs, arranging them so that they suddenly appear in the process of unpacking a gift.


    The most original basket from which it is easy to make a true work of art will serve as an original gift box. You can leave the basket as it is, or paint it with bright colors - it all depends on how you will be itgiftdecorate. You can decorate the outer part of the basket with fresh flowers, inside - you must cover the walls and the bottom with a soft cloth (it is better if it is silk).

    To extend the intrigue when giving a gift, along with a gift, you can put various small items in the basket. For example, fill it with beads, rhinestones, colored buttons, pebbles, sketch various knick-knacks on top. Search among all these little things of the gift itself will turn into an intriguing and exciting experience.

    Features gift design

    For men

    A gift wrapped in pink paper with ruffles, bows and other women's accessories can be perceived by a man as an insult or ridicule.AlsogiftYou can say about gifts to business partners of any gender. The solution in this situation will be the use of a more rigorous style in the design of the gift, the presence of geometric patterns instead of colors and asterisks, the absence of bows (a satin ribbon is allowed, tied with diagonal packaging). The color of the wrapper is better to choose neutral.

    The exception is a gift for a loved man. It is not forbidden to experiment. Paper in hearts, figures of lovers, flowers and inscriptions - all this is appropriate when expressing feelings to your chosen one.

    For women

    With respect to women, everything is just the opposite - the brighter and more elegant will be packedgiftA gift is best. The only amendment is age, for girls the emphasis is on romance, older women will appreciate the solidity and tradition. A small box or velvet box at the bottom of a basket covered with rose petals - no woman will resist such a gift.

    For children

    The most appreciative gift recipients are children. They are glad to any gift, especially beautifully packed. The main criterion for the design of children's gifts -giftpackaging should be fun! The motley colors, the presence of bows and flowers - for girls, small toys - for boys, and without fail - balloons.You can use helium balloons, tie a box with a gift to them and let it literally fly into the room.

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