• How to make a glass apron

    You will need
    • - tape measure;
    • - Plumb;
    • - laser level gauge;
    • - glass;
    • - sketch of the drawing;
    • - self-adhesive film with a pattern;
    • - white self-adhesive backing;
    • - fasteners;
    • - decorative hats;
    • - drill.
    Take careful measurements of the wall. Use not only a tape measure and your inner eye, but also a plumb, laser level gauge - any tools that will allow you to find the exact dimensions. If the corners in your house are not too straight and the top length of the apron is different from the bottom - take a smaller one.
    It is better to divide the long wall into several parts, while at the joints subtract 2 mm from the total length. In the corner joints do not forget to take away the width of the glass from one of the parts.
    Mark the holes for the through glass holder. The center of the hole should be 5 cm from the corner. For a long apron, also provide a mount in the middle, 5 cm from the edge. The diameter of the holes depends on the chosen fastener, usually 6-8 mm.In addition, plan holes for sockets with a diameter of 70 mm.
    Order glass, tempered or ordinary, with a thickness of at least 6 mm. In addition, buy fasteners, decorative hats of a suitable color, glossy or matte.
    Think over the picture that will be behind the glass. Pay attention to the resolution, it must be high. If it is possible, attract familiar designers or design an apron pattern yourself.
    Order the printing of the film on the adhesive substrate in one of the printing companies. Note that the print will be on a non-adhesive layer, so the finished image will be mirrored from left to right.
    Additionally, purchase an opaque white backing, since the printed image may be partially transparent. You can choose not pure white, but with a gray or beige tint - look on the spot, how the printing went, what kind of light the glass gives (usually greenish) and what color of the substrate can correct the situation.
    Start bonding the film to the glass. To do this, lay the glass on a horizontal surface, degrease with dishwashing detergent and wipe. Then type in a water dispenser with the addition of liquid soap. Wet the glass.
    Gradually peel off the protective layer from the film, and spray the adhesive side with water.Gradually spread out the film with a pattern on the surface of the glass, soapy water will give you the opportunity to arrange it in the right way.
    Using a squeegee, carefully expel water bubbles from under the film. Wait for drying and in the same way stick a white substrate. After drying, trim the edges, cut the holes.
    Attach a homemade glass apron to the wall and apply markings for fasteners through the holes. Remove the glass, drill holes, install the dowels. Hang the glass apron on the wall and twist the decorative fastening caps on top.

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